PAWS Magazine

Issue 36, Winter 1998

Volunteers - The heart of our rehabilitation efforts

Recent studies show that volunteerism is on the rise in the ‘90’s, and fortunately for the PAWS Wildlife Center, the Puget Sound area is helping lead the trend. With limited year-round paid staff, we rely very heavily on the efforts of our volunteers to help us care for the thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals we receive. Our volunteers tell us it is a mutually beneficial experience: they gain valuable training and education, and the Wildlife Center benefits from the many skilled helping hands. Three Wildlife Center volunteers were asked to give a little insight into their work and how it has touched them. We thought we’d share a few of their comments and experiences.

What has been your most memorable moment volunteering at the Wildlife Center?

"Fostering baby squirrels in my home was one of the coolest experiences in my life…Releasing a gull on Thanksgiving day and watching him fly off was a nice way to remember what I am thankful for." Beth Logan, Wildlife Care Assistant and Gray Squirrel Foster Care Volunteer, volunteer since 8/97

What do you like most about volunteering at the Wildlife Center?

"The variety of activity and being able to see up close the uniqueness of each living being." Pat Edwards, shown at right, Wildlife Care Assistant and volunteer since 9/95

"Learning new things every week about the different animals…it’s been a unique experience." Beth Logan

What is the most important thing you have learned while volunteering here?

"Compassion for animals. They repay you in their own little way." Ron Carlson, Wildlife Care Assistant, volunteer since 4/95, Wildlife Center’s 1997 Volunteer of the Year

"The importance of keeping wild animals wild…also the importance of educating the general public about coexisting with wildlife to prevent well-meaning people from doing unnecessary harm." Beth Logan

"How very valuable and precious each species is in our world." Pat Edwards

If you would like to join this group of dedicated individuals, like volunteer Ryan O'Donnell, shown above, call our Volunteer Information Line at (425) 787-2500, ext. 838 or call Kathleen Foley, Wildlife Center Volunteer Coordinator at (425) 787-2500, ext. 818.

Both photos by Steve McCoy

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