Classroom Programs

PAWS offers a variety of lessons and activities created for classroom and community presentations for young people. Through multiple forms of media, games, writing and drawing exercises, storytelling and hands-on activities, students learn about being responsible and respectful to all living beings.

Most programs are generally available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Registration is handled on a first come, first served basis. Our programs often fill 3 to 6 months in advance, so please plan ahead when scheduling your class or group.

Elements included in all classroom programs:

  • A short introductory video.
  • Time for questions and answers.
  • If time allows, educators share stories of individual animals helped by PAWS.
  • Handouts may include stickers, brochures, PAWS’ Kids Helping Animals newsletter, PAWS magazine and fact sheets

People Helping Animals*

Grade level: 3 - 12

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 1 hour

Group size: 15-50

*Ideal for fundraising kick-off assemblies and/or donation acceptances.

Description: This presentation offers students an introduction to the work of PAWS, a Northwest leader in protecting animals since 1967. Students will become familiar with the concept of non-profit or charity organizations and ways they can get involved helping animals in their community.

Animal Tales

Grade level: K - 2

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Group size: 15-25

Description: Turn story time into a fun and imaginative lesson about animals. PAWS has an extensive library of children’s literature that is both engaging and informational. Titles include: Raccoon at Clear Creek Road; Zak the One-of-a-kind Dog; Lost in the Woods; Teeth, Tails and Tentacles: An Animal Counting Book; and Tails are Not for Pulling. The book selection will depend upon the age group and subject matter of interest. The reading of the story is followed by further discussion about animals and PAWS.

Ambassador Abby: Dog Safety

Grade level: 2 - 6

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: flexible

Group size: 15-30

Description: This presentation focuses on introducing PAWS and becoming “animal ambassadors.” As animal ambassadors, students will learn how to read animal behavior and speak on behalf of the animals through actions that are in the animals’ best interest. Students will engage in an interactive dog-safety game which will be followed by a live dog safety demonstration.

Companion Animals Are Cool

Grade level: 3 - 6

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 1 hour

Group size: 15-30

Description: Students will be introduced to basic pet guardianship and the work of the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter. Students will gain an understanding of pet homelessness and overpopulation, and how they can help companion animals in their community.

Wild About Wildlife

Grade level: 3 - 6

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 1 hour

Group size: 15-30

Description: Students will be introduced to common urban wildlife and the work of PAWS Wildlife Center. Students will gain an understanding of the dangers that local wild animals face, how to handle wildlife emergencies, and what they can do to help wild animals in their neighborhood.

Kids Who Care

Grade level: 3 - 5

Number of presentations: 6

Length of each presentation: 1 hour

Group size: 15-30

Description: Kids Who Care is PAWS' primary humane education program. This in-depth, six-visit program provides the widest range of activities and information of all the humane education programs. Kids Who Care is offered three times during the school year: fall, winter and spring and covers a range of topics from facilitating positive, safe interactions with dogs and cats to developing a greater understanding of wildlife and farm animals. Read more about the success of Kids Who Care.

A complete list of how elements of the program match to corresponding EALRs can be provided for this program upon request.

Careers Helping Animals**

Grade level: 5 - 9

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 1 hour

Group size: 15-50

**Presentation can be tailored to accommodate career fairs.

Description: Students will be introduced to the many different careers that involve helping animals, with a focus on positions at PAWS - from wildlife veterinarian to graphic designer. Students learn the steps required to get from where they are now to the job of their dreams.

Custom Fit

Grade level: 2nd grade and older

Number of presentations: 1

Length of presentation: 30 min - 1 hour

Group size: Minimum 15

Description: Do you have a specific animal-related topic you would like your class to know more about? Are your students interested in learning about the wildlife on their school grounds or how to help chained dogs in their neighborhood? Depending on availability of subject experts, PAWS can help you tailor a presentation to the age and topical needs of your group.

To request a program, please complete a Classroom Program Request form or call 425.412.4026.

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