Careers with Animals

Did you know you can turn your love of animals into a paying job? It’s true! There are many different jobs to choose from. Whether you like art, walking dogs, observing wildlife, teaching kids or talking to people, there is a career with animals for you.

Check out these ideas:

  • Administration/Office Assistant/Phone Reception – work in the office at an animal organization or animal hospital.
  • Animal Advocate/Animal Activist – run campaigns and educate the public about the rights of animals and how to help them.
  • Animal Behaviorist – research animal behavior and help solve behavior problems.
  • Computer Technician – maintain computers and solve technical problems for animal organizations.
  • Fundraiser/Events Coordinator – work to raise money for an animal organization.
  • Graphic Artist – design educational and promotional material to help an animal organization.
  • Humane Educator– teach people how to help animals and be kind to each other.
  • Horse Groomer – care for horses.
  • Kennel Attendant – care for animals (cats, dogs, other small animals) in shelters, at a boarding kennel, or animal hospital by cleaning, walking, medicating and socializing the animals.
  • Law Enforcement/Animal Control – work on animal welfare and cruelty cases and enforce animal laws.
  • Lawyer – convict animal cruelty offenders, and work on other law issues surrounding animals.
  • Lobbyist – work to introduce or support animal laws in government.
  • Maintenance – build and maintain yards and buildings for animal organizations.
  • Naturalist/Wildlife Biologist – research and work on projects to help wild animals in the wild.
  • Natural Pet Supply Store Owner/Worker – assist people in finding nutritional foods, toys, beds and other products for their animals.
  • Photographer – take photos of animals for a magazine or for your own business.
  • Shelter/Rescue Sanctuary Manager – run a shelter or rescue sanctuary.
  • Veterinarian– help to improve the health of animals – companion animals, wildlife and farm animals.
  • Veterinary Assistant – assist in the care of sick or injured animals in veterinary surgeries and treatments.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – coordinate volunteers working in an animal organization.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator– rescue and rehabilitate wild animals, returning them to the wild.

Find out about even more careers on the ASPCA website.


Read these books to learn more about how to get a job helping animals.

  • Careers with Animals, Audrey Pavia
  • Careers with Animals: Humane Society of the United States, Willow Ann Sirch
  • Cool Careers for Girls with Animals,Ceel Pasternak, Linda Thornburg
  • Kids Can Save The Animals, Ingrid Newkirk
  • Opportunities in the Animal and Pet Care Careers, Mary Price Lee & Richard Lee
  • So, You Love Animals, Zoe Weil
  • Working with Wildlife: A Guide to Careers in the Animal World, Thayne Maynard

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