Upcoming Events for Upcoming Events http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/ PAWS 2015 Calendar Release Party http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/paws-2015-calendar-launch-party/?date=2014-11-08 <p><strong>Hot off the press and ready for sale, the PAWS 2015 Calendar is an annual celebration of animals.</strong></p> <p>Featuring soulful photographs by <a title="The Official Website For Alyssa Rose Photography" href="http://www.alyssarosephotography.com/index2.php" target="_new">Alyssa Rose Photography</a>, this unique wall calendar makes a great gift and supports homeless, injured and orphaned animals. All proceeds go directly to PAWS.<br><br> This calendar is made possible by the generosity of PAWS supporters, whose animals are featured in its pages. We hope you can join us!</p> <p>No need to RSVP—just come to <a title="The Official Website For Mud Bay, Greenwood" href="http://mudbay.com/stores/Seattle/Greenwood" target="_new">Mud Bay</a> for an afternoon of great photography, refreshments, and the opportunity to meet some of the stars of the calendar and their photographer, Alyssa Rose.<br><br> Saturday, November 8<br> 2-4 p.m.<br> Mud Bay, Greenwood<br> 8532 1st Ave NW, Seattle <br><br> P.S. The 2015 PAWS Calendar makes a great holiday gift—stock up now!</p> Thu, 16 Oct 2014 16:46:26 -0500 http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/paws-2015-calendar-launch-party/?date=2014-11-08 Cat Behavior 101: What Your Cat Wants You to Know http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/cat-behavior-101/?date=2014-11-11 <p>PAWS Cat City<strong><a title="PAWS Hours and Directions information" href="http://www.paws.org/index.php/[sitetree_link,id=3]"><br></a></strong>5200 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite B, Seattle, WA 98105</p> <p>This free training event is designed to help explain some of the mysteries behind cat behavior.</p> <p>Led by our very own Steph Renaud, Supervisor at <a title="About PAWS Cat City" href="http://www.paws.org/index.php/[sitetree_link,id=35]">PAWS Cat City</a>, it’s the perfect introduction for any cat owner wanting to understand why their cat behaves as he or she does, and get tips for building a better relationship.</p> <p>Topics will include body language, the ideal home environment, sources of stress, the importance of play and litter box problems. This event is perfect for any cat owner or cat lover that wants to learn how to better communicate with their feline friends. </p> <p>Whether you’re a cat beginner or long-time guardian, we guarantee you’ll learn something new.</p> <p><strong><a title="Register for Cat Behavior 101 Training Course at PAWS Cat City" href="http://www.paws.org/index.php/[sitetree_link,id=422]">Register Now!</a></strong></p> <p>Feel free to do some advance reading on cat behavior at our <a title="PAWS Resource Library on Cat Behavior, Health and Welfare" href="http://www.paws.org/index.php/[sitetree_link,id=153]">Resource Library</a>.</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:10:03 -0500 http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/cat-behavior-101/?date=2014-11-11 PAWS Wild Night 2015 http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/paws-wild-night-2015/?date=2015-04-18 <p>Fremont Studios<br>155 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103</p> <p>Save the date to join hundreds of Seattle's most compassionate community leaders for a fun evening of sipping cocktails, fine dining, and raising funds to help save animals' lives.</p> <p>Further details and seat reservation launch coming soon!</p> Tue, 20 May 2014 16:04:46 -0500 http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/paws-wild-night-2015/?date=2015-04-18