Upcoming Events for Upcoming Events http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/ Cat Behavior 101: What Your Cat Wants You to Know http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/cat-behavior-101/?date=2015-12-12 <p>This class is designed to help explain some of the mysteries behind cat behavior!</p> <p>Led by our very own Steph Renaud, Supervisor at PAWS Cat City (pictured right, cat whispering with Peanut), <em>Cat Behavior 101</em> is the perfect introduction for any cat owner wanting to understand why their cat behaves as he or she does, and get tips for building a better relationship.</p> <p>Topics will include body language, the ideal home environment, sources of stress, the importance of play, and litter box problems. Whether you're a cat beginner or long-time guardian, we guarantee you'll learn something new!</p> <p>This class is free to attend, however a $5 donation per person is suggested to help us continue offering classes like this through our community education program. Thank you!</p> <p><strong>Please note:</strong> This class is open to people aged 18 years and above. Each person attending must register separately.</p> <p><a title="Click here to register for Cat Behavior 101" href="https://www.gifttool.com/registrar/ShowEventDetails?ID=1938&amp;EID=20940"><strong>REGISTER NOW</strong></a></p> Fri, 25 Sep 2015 13:23:16 -0500 http://www.paws.org/index.php/support/events/cat-behavior-101/?date=2015-12-12