A Happy Ending Story

Abandoned in a Vacant Lot, Daisy Finds Her New Home

When Sue Goans and her husband set out for an early morning stroll on August 12, they had no idea they were about to save a life. With record-breaking temperatures in the forecast, the heat was already rising off the pavement at 7 a.m. Walking their dog near Wilcox Park in Lynnwood, the early morning calm was broken by a loud barking coming from behind an abandoned restaurant.

The Goans walked around the deserted building to find a young, frightened dog tied to a post in the restaurant’s vacant lot. Left without food, water or shelter from the heat, the dog was hours away from severe dehydration. Within days, she would have been dead.

“I was concerned for her safety,” recalls Sue. “I brought some water and treats for her, but I knew I couldn’t just leave her there.”

With the help of a Snohomish County Animal Control Officer, Sue transported the dog to PAWS, where staff members gave the exhausted pooch plenty of fluids and a new name: Daisy.

As Sue left PAWS that day, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Daisy had come into her life for a reason.

“I couldn’t get her off my mind,” says Sue, “but we didn’t think we were ready for another dog.” Two weeks after bringing Daisy to PAWS, the Goans returned to adopt her and bring her home.

“We knew that Daisy was always meant to be a member of our family,” smiles Sue, “and we look forward to many good years ahead with her.”

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