Temporary Home, Lasting Love

Foster care is the quickest way we know to become a full-fledged hero.

Nursing Mama Cat

“People are looking for a way to make a difference, and being a foster parent gives you that opportunity. Plus you get the added benefit of receiving some fluffy attention and snuggle time with darling kittens, puppies or an adult cat or dog,” explains Rebecca Oertel, PAWS Foster Care Coordinator. “We think of the PAWS foster parents as heroes. They make such an amazing difference in the life of an animal who has already gone through some sort of trauma or medical problem. And they do this simply by providing a little bit of love, some good meals and a safe, warm place to temporarily call home.”

The heroic efforts of volunteers in the PAWS Foster Care Program save the lives of more than 1,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens every year. That’s because nearly a third of the animals coming to PAWS aren’t ready for adoption. In most cases, these puppies and kittens aren’t old enough, developed enough, or in many cases, not socialized enough. Foster care is also the best program for animals that are sick or recovering from treatments or surgeries. In most cases, this warm loving home results in a speedy recovery for these special animals.

Foster families also provide important information to PAWS regarding the dog’s or cat’s behavior and socialization. These reports help adoption advisors make the best possible match when it comes to finding them their “forever home.”

Becoming a foster parent is a serious commitment, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. “Foster care takes more heart than it does money,” says Oertel. “All you need are some toys, a warm bed and food.”

Learn how you can become a hero by visiting paws.org or call 425.787.2500 x 822.

Foster Puppy

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