PAWS Photo Blast 2011

A special thank-you to everyone who entered our Summer Photo Blast. Here are the winners, as judged by members of our staff at PAWS. Below each photo you'll find information about the subject, the contestant and the photo. Enjoy!

"Lucy the Sled Dog"

Paws Magazine Issue 79 Photo Contest Winner People and Animals

Jill Blakely, Best Animal and Person

"Lucy loves playing in the snow. She runs and slides on her side and rolls on her back as if making snow angels. It really gets me giggling. After walking a good distance on this particular snowy day, we noticed Lucy was getting tired. At 13, she defi nitely can't go the distance she used to. But hey, who can? So my husband ran home and returned with our sled!"

"Yellowstone Wolf"

PAWS Magazine Issue 79 Photo Contest Winner Wildlife

Charles Baker, Best Wildlife

"I was driving through Yellowstone Park back in May when I noticed this beautiful creature watching, listening and smelling the snow cover. Thinking he was tracking something, I got out and set up my tripod and camera. I knew that if I waited long enough that he would dive into "dinner." Sure enough, after about 45 minutes of watching, he jumped into the air and dove down into the snow. It was an exhilarating moment!"


PAWS Magazine Issue 79 Photo Contest Winner Best Dog

Andrea Fontenot, Best Dog

"Bella was left at a San Diego shelter with a bad case of ringworm. My niece fostered her, and my sister fell in love. They wanted to adopt Bella but couldn't because of their cat. Even though we already had two rescued Springers, Bella wormed her way into our hearts! She is now about 2 years old, and a veteran of one PAWSwalk, one Doggiestock, and a Sons of Norway 3k walk. She is such a character!"


PAWS Magazine Issue 79 Photo Contest Winners Urban Wildlife

Diana Alvarado, Best Urban Wildlife

"This photograph was taken February 20, 2011 on a very cold day at Cal Anderson Park. I was hanging out with my brothers and my mom at the park when they all decided to go and eat pizza nearby. As hungry as I was, I decided to stay behind when I saw some birds "skating" on the frozen water. I was mesmerized. I never thought that birds could enjoy the freezing weather so much!"


PAWS Magazine Issue 79 Photo Contest Honorable Mention

Anita Smith, Honorable Mention

"I tried to identify this species of snail in my PNW book, but couldn't find anything that looked like him. I spotted him while walking the Grotto trail at St. Edwards Park in Kirkland. People had to step around me because I was down on the ground looking at him eye-to-eye. He has such a beautiful shell don't 'cha think!"

Because we consider everyone who entered a winner, keep an eye on upcoming issues of our magazine. Even if you didn't win, there's a chance your picture may be featured in one of our many PAWS stories.

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