PAWS Magazine

Issue 71, Fall 2008

New Beginnings

Lifting the Spirit

Photo of Bobbie the dog. Bobbie's story illustrates how the volatile economy impacts everyone. This three-year-old Golden Retriever mix had been hit by a car, severely breaking his left, front leg. His guardian took him to a veterinary hospital where he stayed for two weeks as she searched for a way to pay for his surgery. Unable to cover the costs, she eventually gave him up to a nearby grooming facility who called PAWS right away.

Sadly, Bobbie's leg, which had gone untreated for such a long time, needed to be removed. PAWS Companion Animal Veterinarian Dr. Liz Vincenzi performed the surgery. After having endured a prolonged, painful period waiting for his injury to be addressed, Bobbie was initially depressed, but his healing had finally begun. Staff and volunteers went to great lengths to make this special boy comfortable and lift his spirits. He would often rest in the manager's office on a pile of blankets. That's where Robin Jacobsen met him when she came to PAWS after seeing Bobbie on our website. She quickly knew that Bobbie would make a great addition to her large family.

Robin reports that Bobbie is settling beautifully in his new home, is full of life and getting around quite well. He and his new sister India, a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel, are good friends, but India still rules the house. "India thinks Bobbie's big new bed is hers, but that's okay because Bobbie thinks our bed is his."

A Girl's Best Friend

Photo of Amanda the cat with a new family member.Recently PAWS received a much-welcomed update on one of our previous feline guests. In 2007, two-year-old Amanda arrived at PAWS a bit underweight, but still an outgoing, loveable tabby cat. When Carrie Bridgeford came to PAWS looking for an addition to her family, Amanda proved to be the perfect match. Carrie recently called to tell us all about Amanda's first year at home.

Amanda now happily shares her home with four children, ranging in age from 2–17, a Cockatiel, and a fish, as well as Carrie and her husband. Although Amanda loves all members of the family, she has developed a special bond with the two younger Bridgeford daughters. Carrie said, "She has settled right into our family and has become my two girls' best friend." Once a homeless cat, Amanda has found her perfect forever home.


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