PAWS Magazine

Issue 69, Spring 2008

Increase your Animal IQ

Photo of a Cooper's Hawk.
Did you know that the crow-sized Cooper's Hawk is built for agility and speed, to dodge thickets and tree limbs skillfully as he chases smaller birds, his most common prey? But high speed pursuit can be dangerous. Sometimes the reflection of vegetation in a window leads a hawk to collide head-on into the pane, causing life-threatening injuries. Many injured hawks are rushed to PAWS Wildlife Center after window collisions. What can you do? Hang mobiles in or stick decals on your windows to minimize reflections.

Photo of a girl playing with puppies.
Did you know that all dogs, from the noble Great Dane to the cheeky Pug---and all the marvelous mutts in between---are direct descendants of wolves, and still have many of the same instincts? For instance, dogs thrive in a pack where their own place in the hierarchy is clear. They also require close contact through play and grooming in order to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted. Learn more about what it means to be your dog's pack leader by taking a dog training class from a certified trainer or reading a book on dog behavior. Visit to see if one of PAWS' dog training classes is a perfect fit for you and your pooch.


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