PAWS Magazine

Issue 66, Spring 2007

40 Ways to Make a Better World for Animals

There's a lot to celebrate as we look back on 40 years of people helping animals. Together we have taken huge strides to make the world a kinder place. But we're not done yet! Join us and take action for all the animals who still need help, right here in our community and across the region. Try these simple ways to help animals in your daily life.

  1. Prevent unplanned litters: have your companion animals spayed or neutered.
  2. Landscape with native plants—they provide food and shelter for wild animals.
  3. Go see circuses that don't use animal acts.
  4. Be sure your pet always wears her ID tags, and microchip her for extra peace of mind.
  5. Provide fresh water for birds.
  6. Treat your friends to an animal-friendly, vegetarian brunch or supper.
  7. Don't give animals as gifts. Give a shelter adoption gift certificate instead.
  8. Get help for injured and orphaned wild animals.
  9. Keep your cat indoors, ensuring both he and local wildlife are safe.
  10. Read clothing labels carefully—make sure any fur you wear is faux.

  11. Don't buy wild or exotic animals as pets.
  12. Courteously explain to your neighbor why their outdoor-only dog would love to be inside with the rest of the family.
  13. Hang mobiles in or stick decals on your windows so birds don't fly into them.
  14. Ask teachers about alternatives to dissection.
  15. Host a gift drive and collect supplies for your local shelter or wildlife center.
  16. Take your pet for an annual health check-up and keep up-to-date on all her vaccinations.
  17. Admire wildlife from a distance, and always leave wild animals in their natural habitats where they belong.
  18. Keep a wildlife rescue kit in the trunk of your car.
  19. Alter your dog—she'll be three-times less likely to bite.
  20. Choose personal care products not tested on animals—check out

  21. Minimize your use of pesticides and herbicides— they're poisonous to wild animals and pets.
  22. Give your cat a tall, sturdy scratching post—don't declaw him.
  23. Sign up for PAWS' e-newsletters and stay current on animal issues in your community.
  24. Wait to prune trees and shrubs until well after baby birds and mammals have left the nest.
  25. Animal abuse is a crime. If you see an animal in imminent danger, call 911.
  26. Keep poisons like antifreeze and household cleaning products away from pets and wildlife.
  27. Build your cat a comfy windowsill perch so he can watch the world go by.
  28. Secure your garbage can lids so wildlife can't feed on your leftovers.
  29. Volunteer at your local wildlife center or animal shelter.
  30. Place baby birds back in their nests if they fall out.

  31. Scoop that poop—help your dog be a great canine ambassador.
  32. Don't eat animals! Try a veggie hotdog or garden burger for lunch today.
  33. Eat local, organic foods, grown without poisons that pollute animals' habitats.
  34. Be a life-saver: foster a litter of orphaned kittens or puppies.
  35. Help an abandoned or stray animal: report her situation to animal control or take her to the nearest shelter.
  36. Recycle—it saves wild animals' habitat.
  37. Install vent covers so wild animals don't set up home inside your house.
  38. Speak out for a neglected animal: all pets need good food, fresh water, shelter, vet care and love.
  39. Inspire a friend to adopt from a shelter.
  40. Teach a child why it's cool to be kind to animals.

Share this list with family and friends; post it on a community bulletin board; and leave copies at your school, club, place of worship, or workplace. Spread the word---together we are making a better world for animals!


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