PAWS Magazine

Issue 65, Fall 2006

Holiday Shopping at PAWS

This season, choose gifts that show you care and help support our life-saving work. All proceeds directly benefit the thousands of animals PAWS cares for each year. To place an order:

PAWS Store

425.787.2500 x261

In Person:
PAWS "Flagship Store"
15305 44th Ave W, Lynnwood
call 425.787.2500 for hours

PAWS Cat City
8503 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle
call 206.782.1700 for hours

There’s something for everyone on your list!

What’s HOT, What’s NOT

HOT: Adopting your new best friend at PAWS. Check our Adoption Services page often to see all the animals available for adoption.
NOT: Purchasing a companion animal from a pet store or breeder.

HOT: Carrying your wholesome groceries home in a new PAWS Riley Tote!
NOT: Choosing a flimsy plastic sack at the market. Many plastics cannot be recycled and will end up in a landfill.

HOT: Voicing your opinion to businesses about inhumane product experimentation on animals. Sign up for our Actionline e-newsletter and be a voice for animals!
NOT: Using personal care products tested on animals. Learn how to read the labels and find animal-friendly products by visiting

HOT: Staying warm and looking cool by donning a trendy faux fur or animal-patterned coat this winter.
NOT: Wearing real fur! Encourage your favorite stores to offer fashionable, sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives to fur and leather coats, shoes, bags and accessories.

HOT: Sealing any holes and affixing a chimney cap on your house this winter to keep wildlife from taking up residence.
NOT: Using cruel traps or poisons when humane preventative measures make co-existing with urban wildlife a cinch. See our Wildlife Resources page for more information.

HOT: Building a fun, escape-proof outdoor play enclosure for feline members of the family. Learn more about it.
NOT: Allowing Fluffy to roam freely to dodge cars and poisons while striking fear into the heart of wild birds.

HOT: Observing the wildlife who migrate to our area for the winter through your camera or binocular lenses. Learn more about the voyages of wild birds.
NOT: Watching animals who have been captured from the wild in order to entertain people at roadside zoos or circuses.

EXPLORE our site for more animal-friendly ideas!


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