PAWS Magazine

Issue 61, Summer 2005

Here for the animals when it counts

It all adds up when you care for nearly 10,000 animals each year. PAWS does the math...

121.35 number of dollars raised by Mrs. Pfalzgraf’s second grade class at Snohomish Central Primary by selling licorice at school lunch. Kids are great at finding creative ways to help the animals at PAWS.
1 the solitary and seriously lost albatross treated at PAWS’ Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Hospital this spring, just one of 240 different species cared for by PAWS since 1981.
67,000 number of puppies that one unspayed female dog and her offspring will produce in seven years. There simply are not enough homes for them all. PAWS helps by spaying or neutering every animal we adopt into permanent loving homes.
3,884 number of kitten and puppy paws that scampered through our life-saving Foster Care Program last year. Interested in fostering a bundle of fur? Call us!
392 number of night shifts worked by Dawn Redemann, volunteer Wildlife Care Assistant since 1991. Our volunteers inspire us every day, working alongside staff to help save lives. Way to go Dawn!
480,000 number of baby bird hand-feedings in a single year at PAWS. Your gifts help provide food for all the orphaned and injured baby wild animals we rehabilitate and release back into the wild.
798 number of kids who participated in PAWS’ humane education programs in May 2005. Talk to the children in your life about responsible care for companion animals and respect for wildlife. Kids love animals, they will listen.
38 number of rehabilitated mallards released in June 2005, from a total of 133 animals returned to the wild that month. Not forgetting the one long-tailed weasel.
2,184 signatures collected as of mid July on an online petition to end the Omak Suicide Race. Read the Spotlight on Page 3 for how you can help save the horses of Omak.
12 number of puppies in the largest litter cared for at PAWS this spring. Hungry and covered in filth and fleas after being rescued from neglect, the pups received good food, medical care, much-needed baths and love.
2007 the year PAWS will celebrate its 40th anniversary! We couldn't have made it this far without you. Join us, tell your friends why you support PAWS, adopt your next cat or dog from our shelter, and work to make your community wildlife friendly! Learn more at The animals need you.






















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