PAWS Magazine

Issue 60, Spring 2005

Spotlight: Arden Clise, PAWS Board Member

When Arden Clise joined the PAWS Board of Directors in May 2004, she brought along more than ten years of experience as an animal welfare volunteer. "I was looking for ways to contribute in addition to my day-to-day volunteer work," said Arden. She found what she was looking for at PAWS. As a member of the Board's Executive and Development and Marketing Committees, her expertise is put to good use.

Professionally, Arden manages national promotions and events for the Consumer Group Marketing division at Washington Mutual. A native Seattleite, she has donated her time to the Seattle Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of Seattle/King County and Purrfect Pals—where Arden and her husband Eric helped develop the organization's annual fundraising auction.

Arden and Eric live in Seattle with their cats Lucy and Skeeter and their Lab/Pit Bull mix, Sammie. Their lives are further enriched by frequent four-legged guests—the sick or injured cats Arden fosters. “Fostering animals to help them recover from illness or injury so they can find permanent homes, is one of the most important things I do,” said Arden. “It's hugely rewarding, and it increases my ability to help in a very meaningful, very necessary way.” Thank you Arden, for all your hard work on behalf of the animals.

Spotlight: Don and Marlene Fenno
Don and Marlene Fenno share their lives with many rescued animals. A collection of cats, a border collie mix, named Cheyenne, and even a green iguana or two have made their home with the Fennos.

The constant companionship of their animals is what, in part, inspired Don and Marlene to become monthly givers to PAWS. “We are firm believers in PAWS' work to rehome healthy, adoptable animals,” Marlene noted, “and their commitment to encourage adoption of older animals is very important to us.”

In 2002, the Fennos joined PAWS' Constant Companions giving program, which enables donors to make a monthly or quarterly pledge of support. The gift is charged to a credit card account and donors may choose to be receipted for each individual gift or receive a giving summary at the end of the year.

“It's so convenient,” explained Marlene. “You don't have to stop and think each month. We support a number of organizations and with this program we know we've always taken care of our gift to PAWS.”

Marlene and Don, on behalf of all the animals we care for at PAWS, thank you for your steadfast support!

For more information about the Constant Companion Program please call 425.787.2500 x 255.

Spotlight: Debra Marek, Volunteer Humane Educator
Being a Humane Education volunteer can be challenging. It takes skill and patience to deliver messages about companion animal overpopulation, peaceful coexistence with wildlife, and compassion for farm animals, all while managing a classroom of excited fourth graders! Fortunately, there are people like Debra Marek who have the right mix of passion and commitment for the job. Debra was moved to volunteer at PAWS for several reasons, including her own experience of witnessing animal abuse as a child.

“I was too stunned to even know what to do, and walked away in a daze,” recalled Debra. “This is not uncommon in our society, unfortunately, and the PAWS program not only encourages kids to empathize and feel compassion for animals, but also instructs them in how to take action.” Joining the PAWS' Humane Education team in January 2005, Debra is one of the first to go through the enhanced training program. In addition to the required preparation for teaching, Debra is helping with research and making ID tags for stuffed toy animals that accompany classroom visits.

While Debra is new to Humane Education at PAWS, she already sees the vision of what is possible. “I feel as if I'm flinging a Frisbee of hope into the future … My goal is for kids to be empowered to use what they learn now to treat animals with kindness and respect, and that they'll take this information into adulthood where tomorrow's animals will be better for it.”

Debra – we are so thankful you are a member of the PAWS family!


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