PAWS Magazine

Issue 59, Winter 2004

Donor Spotlight: Laurie Porter-Winkle & David Winkle

Visionaries are those individuals who can imagine the impossible. In the case of PAWS, they are those who envision a world where compassion and respect for all creatures is not a far-fetched dream, but a reality.

Laurie Porter-Winkle and David Winkle are two such individuals. They believe so much in a more humane world for animals, that they decided one way to ensure this dream becomes real, would be to name PAWS in their will. Long after Laurie and David are gone, their gift will support the mission of PAWS—and a better place for all of us will someday come into being.

Laurie and David became acquainted with PAWS in December 1993, when they adopted their first dog from our shelter. Molly, a black lab mix, lived a happy and full life with them for twelve years. She passed away in 2003 from cancer.

When they came looking for a companion animal to share their home, they were faced with at least twelve, black, non-descript dogs. Molly was older, but they knew she was "the one." They were immediately impressed with the adoption process and the help they received from staff. "It was a great experience," Laurie shared, "we could see right away the devotion and caring of the staff and volunteers."

This loving couple has no human children, but share their lives now with Emmy, a terrier they adopted after her owner died and she was left alone. They named PAWS in their will because, "It is a wonderful organization—well run, with good programs, and the animals receive such great care." Thank you Laurie and David for your kindness and generosity. We are honored to have you as members of the PAWS Visionary League.

Volunteer Spotlight: Debby Taylor and Paul Haydock
A dynamic duo’s loyalty, reliability, and good humor are incredible assets to PAWS. Three years ago, Debby Taylor’s love of animals drew her to PAWS as a kennel cleaner and dog walker. In addition to these tasks, she also volunteers on the Behavior Helpline, where she councils the public on different issues they might be experiencing with their own dogs. Debby has performed 523 extraordinary hours of service in the Companion Animal Services Department. "I came to PAWS for the animals, and I stay with PAWS because of the animals and the dedicated people I get to work with."

Debby’s husband, Paul Haydock, started his career at PAWS by coming along to help with dishes and laundry while Debby walked dogs on holidays. While this isn’t every person’s idea of a great way to spend a holiday, for Debby and Paul it was a perfect way to start their day. After several holidays spent in service at PAWS, Paul decided to make an ongoing commitment. Since May of this year, he has spent his Monday mornings caring lovingly for cats, as he tends to their needs while cleaning their cages.

PAWS deeply appreciates your hours of service. Thank you Debby and Paul.

Spotlight: Give a gift to the animals and support PAWS!


Gift Memberships

Give someone you love a gift membership to PAWS. With a gift of $35 or more your friend will also receive a special note, acknowledging your thoughtful gift, PAWS News and invitations to special events throughout the coming year.

Kennel Sponsorship

Sponsor a dog or cat kennel at PAWS for $250 a year. This is a wonderful way to honor your furry friends, family and loved ones, while helping PAWS provide for the animals in our care.

Vehicle Donation

Donate your used car, truck, trailer, boat, RV or motorcycle to help the animals! For information on this program call 206.351.5002 or go to

PAWS Holiday Wish List

Companion Animal Shelter

  • Advantage topical flea treatment
  • Toys for the dogs and cats (no animal products please)

Wildlife Rehabiliation Center

  • Heating lamps and pads
  • Ensure® or Safeway’s® Advanced vanilla-flavored nutritional supplement drink

Other Needs

  • Gift certificates to Home Depot®, Lowe’s®, Fred Meyer®, Office Depot® or Office Max®

Help keep the animals safe and warm this winter and give generously! Thank you.

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