PAWS Magazine

Issue 56, Winter 2003

From the Heart

The end of 2003 is fast approaching, yet it seems like just weeks ago that we were celebrating the great success of our first annual "PAWS Presents" gala event and starting preparations for the 12th annual PAWSwalk. To the thousands of you who collectively made both of these so successful—thank you!

Avery Danzig

PAWS Board of Directors has focused our more recent efforts on developing a strategic plan that will guide our organization through 2004 and beyond. We have ambitious plans for PAWS’ future and, with your continued support, the coming year will allow us to make significant strides towards our longer-term vision. A few of the goals we are striving towards include new and improved animal friendly facilities, enhanced outreach and education, the building of an endowment fund to sustain the organization into the future, and being innovative and progressive in everything we do.

With the holidays right around the corner, PAWS is entering one of our busiest adoption periods at our Companion Animal Shelter and Cat City. Through our "Home for the Holidays" campaign, we hope to adopt out more than 700 animals during November and December. Sadly, for every one of those animals that will be lucky enough to celebrate the holidays batting tree ornaments across the floor or catching snowflakes in the backyard, countless others will arrive every day at our shelter, waiting their turn to be united with a loving family. In the truest sense of the word, our work is never done.

As a valued member of PAWS, I hope that you will continue to support our work long into the future, that you’ll seek opportunities to get even more involved in our programs, or that you’ll introduce PAWS to a friend, relative or colleague who shares our passion for animal welfare. As my year of service to PAWS as the President of the Board of Directors comes to a close, a sincere "thank you" for making our efforts (and our success!) of the past year possible. And, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I hope you’ll be part of our journey towards achieving our ultimate long-term goal—making the world a more humane and compassionate place for all animals.

Avery Danzig Kohn
President, Board of Directors

p.s. If you are flying Alaska Airlines in November, be sure to get a copy of the November issue of Alaska Airlines’ in-flight magazine. The feature article is on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and focuses on PAWS Wildlife Center as the Pacific Northwest’s largest rehabilitation center.


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