PAWS Magazine

Issue 54, Spring 2003

PAWS’ Cat City gets a new look

by Zibby Wilder

The first week of February was an exciting and frenzied one at Cat City, PAWS’ adoption center in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. The cats were temporarily moved back to the Lynnwood shelter, the windows were covered, and the rooms were emptied. To some, it might have looked as though Cat City was quietly closing up, but in reality, we were beginning its first-ever renovation. Over the week, staff, aided by our trusty volunteers, were able to complete a total transformation!

Thanks to the generosity of PAWS board member Iain Moffat, Cat City’s floor and walls got a much-needed facelift: a new tile floor replaced the very tattered, worn carpeting, and carpentry work fixed old flaws. Sandie Pope, another PAWS board member, used her design skills to help us choose an exciting, yet classic new color scheme for the reception area and colony rooms. The wonderful folks at Miller Paint in Ballard donated a whopping 10 gallons of the finest paint a kitty could ask for. The shades of paint were chosen to represent PAWS, and to make sure the kitties would stand out well!

The last part of our renovation involved the installation of permanent play fixtures in the colony rooms. Walkways, cubby boxes, and shelves now adorn the walls of each room to give the kitties more space—and more creative ways—to roam. In addition, thanks to special donations to Cat City from friends and supporters in our Greenwood neighborhood, we have ordered new cages for our main reception area. Not only will these be more eye-pleasing, but they will also be more comfortable for the declawed, elderly, or “only-cat” kitties who room there.

PAWS Cat City will benefit immensely from the changes this renovation has brought. The public will be treated to a brighter, more organized, professional-looking space, but its temporary residents (the kitties) will be exposed to less disease as all the new surfaces are washable. Nearly 4,500 cats and kittens have been adopted from Cat City since its opening in 1997.

Please stop by Cat City and let us know what you think of our new look!


Replacing the flooring

Prepping for painting


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