PAWS Magazine


Issue 46, Summer 2000


From the Heart

I feel that working with wildlife at PAWS is a special privilege, both for the opportunity to be close to wild lives, and for the chance to work with a wonderful group of staff and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to making a difference for wildlife.

We get to be close to living things–the very essence of free, unfettered beings, the pulse of the planet. There is probably no other work that brings a person so close to wild lives, and at a time when those lives are at their most fragile and vulnerable.

Wildlife Rehabilitation is about giving, about helping living things. It is about a second chance. It gives us insights and understandings, and reminds us of who we are – another animal on planet earth, a part of the web of life, not apart from it.

WR gives us insights and glimpses into other (wildlife) realities. Through the wildlife in our care, we are invited to experience their reality, and to enrich our own through their senses. And what is this glimpse, this experience?

Do not make the mistake of imaging that your senses define reality. Remember:

There are sounds you cannot hear
There are tastes you can’t discriminate
There are smells you cannot smell
There are touches beyond your ability to feel
There is a world you cannot see
There are visions you have not yet experienced, there are senses you do not own, senses that humankind has forgotten it once had.

Is it because we have literally lost our senses that we remain insensate and so insensitive to our environment?

Wildlife gives us back these senses, these visions. Through our caring and helping, we can:

fly like a falcon
see like an eagle
burrow like a mole
smell scents as wolves experience smell
experience touch through the skin of the rattlesnake
and taste like a hummingbird.

We can experience far more of the world through our wild lives’ senses than our own limited senses allow.

I challenge you to keep hold of your concern, your sensitivity. Never lose your compassion for living things. Be concerned. Care for wildlife. Make a difference.

Kip Parker,
PAWS Wildlife Director

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