PAWS Magazine

Issue 42, Summer 1999

PAWS Notes

Now that it's summer...

Sport a new PAWS cap and show your pride for PAWS! Caps are beautifully embroidered with a PAWS paw print in front and PAWS logo on back. Colors are black cap/white logo, cream cap/black logo, khaki cap with blue bill/blue logo, khaki cap with green bill/green logo. To order by phone or for an order form of all PAWS merchandise, call (425) 787-2500 ext. 231.

Cat furniture needed

The PAWS Greenwood Satellite Cat Adoption Center in Seattle is in dire need of carpeted cat furniture. If you have new or used "structure" style cat furniture, please contact Denise at the Greenwood facility at (206) 782-1700.

Pssst! Spread the word...

PAWS will attempt a world record for largest dog walk on September 18! PAWSwalk is your opportunity to take part in this doggone fun Guinness Book of Records attempt. Do either the 3.5 mile or 6 mile walk with a dog. Must register in advance and provide documentation of rabies vaccination. Call ext. 870 for details.

Wanted: PAWSwalk company teams

If you're thinking of doing PAWSwalk, why not gather co-workers to join together as a team? Teams are any group of seven or more low registration fee of $35 and you all get free doggie bandanas. Teams compete for special prizes awarded for Top Fund-raising Team, Highest Team Pledge Average, and Best Team Costume. Call (425) 787-2500 ext. 835 for details.

Skilled carpenters needed

The PAWS Wildlife Center is looking for skilled carpenters to help us build several outdoor mammal enclosures. Contact Dominic Wolff at (425) 787-2500 ext. 819.

It's hot weather season... give your dog a break

PAWS Companion Animal Advocate Kay Joubert reminds PAWS members that when the mercury rises, so does the danger to a dog left unattended in a car. Here are some of Kay's summer facts and tips about hot weather.

— Temperatures inside a car can reach 120° in a matter of minutes, even with the windows partially open. Shade and water don't help much.

— The safest place for your companion animal is in the coolest part of the house with plenty of water to drink.

— If you see a companion animal inside a parked car during hot weather, and the animal appears in distress, call animal control or the police immediately.

— Signs of distress include: Heavy panting, glazed eyes, unsteadiness, vomiting, and a red or purple tongue.

PAWS needs volunteer kennel cleaners and adoption assistants!

Kennel Cleaners - Give the dogs a fresh new kennel each morning by helping clean their bedding, food dishes, and toys. Be prepared to get wet, get some dog smooches, and have fun! Must be 15 years or older, be available in the mornings, and be able to commit to a weekly shift over a three month period.

Adoption Assistants - Assist the PAWS Staff and help the animals in our care get new, permanent homes by taking part in our Adoption Counselor program. Training is included. Must be 18 years old or older, and be able to commit to a weekly shift over a three month period.

For more information on these and other shelter volunteer positions, visit our website at, or call Janet Hausdorfer at (425) 787-2500 ext. 838 for an application and information packet.

Summer Wildlife Tips

PAWS Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor Deb Dyson offers these tips for PAWS members to keep in mind during wildlife season:

— It is okay to put baby birds back into nests if you find them on the ground (unless they have been attacked by cats or other mammals). Mother birds will not reject babies that have been handled by people.

— Be careful driving on dark roads. Automobile injuries are one of the major reasons that animals are admitted to our Wildlife Center.

— Don't assume that an animal left unattended needs your help. Many wild animal parents will leave their young alone for long periods of time.

— Keep injured animals in a warm, dry place until they can be transported to the Wildlife Center. Don't give them food or water.

Banning exotic animals for entertainment in Seattle

In the last issue of PAWS News we spoke of Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment, of which PAWS is a supporter. Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment is not seeking to ban circuses in Seattle, as we incorrectly said. PAWS and Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment are seeking to end the use of exotic animals in Seattle circus performances. Anyone who has seen the fabulous Cirque du Soleil, or Nexus Circus, or the New Pickle Circus knows how wonderful a circus can be without the use of terrified wild animals. PAWS members are encouraged to support circuses that do not use wild animals.

PAWSwalk posters seeking windows!

The PAWSwalk posters and brochures are hot off the press. If your workplace will post our materials in well trafficked areas, please let us know. Call (425) 787-2500 ext. 835.

Twelve different ways to adopt from PAWS

Adopting cats and kittens from PAWS in Lynnwood and PAWS in Greenwood are great ideas. Did you know there are other ways of adopting PAWS cats directly from your own neighborhood? There are twelve off-site adoption locations all over the greater Seattle area. Look to adopt PAWS felines from Capitol Hill Bosley's, Lake City Pet Pros, Redmond Bosley's, Animal Healing Center in Redmond, Crown Hill Pet Supply and many more. For a list of off-site locations please call (425) 787-2500 ext. 653.

PAWS seeks an auto donations coordinator

PAWS infrequently receives donations of used automobiles and we would like to make the program more successful through advertising and coordination. We require a volunteer to coordinate the following duties:

— Return call to people interested in donating automobiles (this can be done from home)

— Evaluate the auto (is it worth the time/money to transfer the title and sell?)

— Arrange for the transfer (emission tests, get registered in PAWS name, etc.)

— Arrange for sale (place ads, put on consignment lots, etc.)

— Follow-up

If you are interested in helping PAWS make money to help animals, and can dedicate two or three hours a week to coordinate our auto program, please e-mail or call Robbin Peterson at (425) 787-2500 ext. 807.

Wildlife Center to be featured on Animal Planet

Cable subscribers receiving Animal Planet can see the PAWS Wildlife Center featured on the channel's Wildlife Emergency show. A crew from Animal Planet has been out at the Lynnwood facility off and on for the last several months filming footage for a series of shows. Animal Planet has not released exact airing dates as of yet, but they have indicated that the shows should begin airing in October. Check your TV listings!

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