PAWS Magazine

Issue 37, Spring 1998

1997 Annual Report - Caring For Our Companions

The commitment and time of volunteers continues to amaze and astound. During 1997, 1,200 dedicated people contributed over 16,000 hours of volunteer service for companion animals. These dedicated individuals gave their time and love to improve and save the lives of thousands of companion animals.

On June 21,1997, we closed our PAWS Thrift Store, located at 85th and Greenwood in Seattle. For the next one and a half months—with the help of generous donations of material—we cleaned, hammered, nailed, tiled, and painted. On August 8, PAWS opened its first satellite adoption center.

At its inception, the PAWS Greenwood Adoption Center was to become the first of its kind in the Northwest. After careful thought, we decided to build cat colonies. There are two colonies and each colony can house up to eight adult cats—and even more kittens. Both the cats and people benefit from this cageless environment. Cats are allowed to roam around the room and lounge on any number of perches available. Potential adopters are able to observe more of the cat’s personality in this open environment. During the spring and summer, a passerby is likely to see playful kittens romping about the colony located in the storefront of the adoption center. By year end, the Greenwood Adoption Center had adopted 382 cats and kittens into new homes.

The Adoption Partnership Program helped provide space in the shelter for cats needing homes by placing them in offsite locations including eleven pet supply stores and a veterinary clinic. These twelve partners helped find homes for 242 cats, many with special needs.

Last year was a banner year for the PAWS Foster Care Program; over 700 animals were given another chance at finding a loving home. More than 600 of these animals were kittens under the age of eight weeks, many of them not yet weaned. Most of these kittens began to arrive at our door in March and continued throughout the summer. The commitment and care provided was an immense undertaking and we would like to thank those staff and volunteer foster homes for their valiant efforts. (Anyone interested in becoming a foster home or foster care placement volunteer, please contact the Foster Care Coordinator at extension 822.)

In cooperation with PAWS, twenty seven veterinary clinics offered special low-priced spay and neuter surgery on Spay Day ‘97. Four hundered and four dogs and cats were altered through this one day promotion. Forty three animals were adopted from PAWS during the May 3, 1997 Adoptathon.

One of our main goals in 1997 was to not kill healthy, adoptable animals. PAWS accomplished what it set out to do! We were able bring our euthanasia rate to an all time low of 15%. This marks a more than 10% drop from the year before. PAWS continues on its path to lower that rate even further in 1998.

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