Patience Pays Off for This Pair

Jess's Story

It took nearly a year, but PAWS found a brand new home for Jess the cat! This 14-year-old was a resident of PAWS for 222 days until a special someone fell in love and adopted her.

Jess was a tough case when she arrived at PAWS. Aside from her age, she was also challenged by dental issues. Dental work can be very expensive,
and adopters often shy away from large medical costs. Fortunately, the Banfield Pet Hospital in Renton donates two dental procedures a month to the adoptable animals at PAWS. After just one visit for dental work, Jess had her Cheshire Cat grin back.

Even with her new chops, Jess had issues that can often make adoption difficult. Older cats sometimes have little patience for other,
especially younger, cats. In order to give Jess a little “space,” she was given her own private sleeping quarters at PAWS Cat City. She so enjoyed her overnight accommodations that she would run to this room at the end of each day. (A trick her adopter found charming!)

While PAWS usually finds new homes for cats in a matter of weeks, every once in a while there is a Jess. It may take more time, more love and more patience, but at PAWS, we believe every animal is worth it!

Jean Luc's Story

In sheltering, it’s helpful to know as much as we can about an animal before we place them in a home. Jean Luc was one of those dogs. His first adopter returned him a year after adoption because he would escape from his crate. Since the adoption staff knew this about him, but the details of his escapades were a bit vague, Jean Luc was sent to foster care to make sure that his Houdini act wasn’t the result of separation anxiety.

Foster Care Volunteer Brooke Casipit agreed to take Jean Luc into her home to help illuminate us.

“He started out shy and quiet,” says Casipit. “I think that’s what drew us all in.”

After two weeks, Jean Luc started to settle in and find role in the household. Rocky, a corgi belonging to Brooke’s roommates Shannon and Keith Latta, was ecstatic to welcome the newcomer into the fold.

“Rocky just loved Jean Luc,” says Shannon.

Jean Luc also seemed to have lost his taste for travel. Maybe it was hanging out with Rocky, or just the love and attention he found in his foster home, but never did Jean Luc stray from his temporary family.

As the time approached for Jean Luc to return to the shelter, the Lattas were having a hard time imagining life without him in it. Here was a dog who was already housebroken, knew his name, had manners, and best of all, fit into their pack.

That’s when the Lattas decided to adopt the charming (former) escape artist. While the Latta’s put much thought into adopting Jean Luc, it was his canine roommate that put the ball in motion.

“Rocky probably adopted him first,” says Keith.

In reality, though, who could possibly know better?

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