Fun Books for Kids

A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin

A Dog's Life book coverAge: 4th - 6th grade
Squirrel is a sweet 10-year-old dog who has been looking for a forever home her entire life. Now that she has found one, she wants to share her story about the tough life as a stray dog on the street. Follow Squirrel's touching journey and learn of the many dangers homeless dogs often face when there is nobody there to care for them.

Arrowhawk by Lola M. Schaefer

Arrowhawk Book CoverAge: 4th - 6th grade
This book is based on a true story of a Red-tailed Hawk. The book follows the hawk through his journey as he tries to survive after being injured by an arrow. The beautiful pictures and happy ending are inspiring for people of all ages.

Buster, Where Are You? by Judith Lane

Buster, Where Are You? Book CoverAge: 1st - 3rd grade
This book is based on a true story about a dog named Buster and his friend Emma. While on a walk with Emma and his guardian, Buster sees a squirrel run by and breaks loose only to be surprised by a big loud truck! Startled and scared, Buster runs too far away from Emma and his guardian and ends up lost in the park. Find out what Emma does to help Buster and what you can do if your own pet ever goes missing.

Champ by Marcia Thornton Jones

Champ Book CoverAge: 4th - 6th grade
When Riley, a young boy who is not very good at sports, and Champ, an unwanted three-legged dog with a talent for trouble, team up to compete in dog-agility, nobody believes they can do it. Will the pair prove them wrong? Find out by reading this inspiring story about acceptance, determination, and fighting for what is right.

Hope by Randy Houk

Hope Book CoverAge: 1st - 3rd grade
Do you like the story of Charlotte's Web? Well then you might also like this story about another special pig. Her name is Hope. Like Wilbur, the famous pig in Charlotte's Web, Hope is the smallest of her litter. But unlike Wilbur, Hope was born in a factory farm. This true story tells how Hope went from being thrown away with the trash to living happily ever after on a friendly farm in New York State.

Lost In the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

Lost in the Woods Book CoverAge: 1st - 5th grade
In this book, the forest creatures are worried about a baby deer who seems to be lost. Where is his mother? Take a walk through the woods with this beautiful picture book story and meet the wild animals and birds who want to help.

Lucky Boy by Susan Boase

Lucky Boy Book CoverAge: 1st - 3rd grade
This story tells about a little dog named Boy, who goes from being a lonely dog to being a lucky dog. Boy lives in the backyard of a very busy family. The family is so busy, they don't spend any time with Boy. Boy spends most of his time alone, wishing for more companionship and excitement, until one day he decides to dig his way out. What happens next is very lucky indeed!

Patches by Ellen Miles

Patches Book CoverAge: 4th - 6th grade
Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies and know a lot about them because the Peterson family is a foster family for the local animal shelter. When Charles meets Patches, a cute Beagle puppy who is always tied up in the garage, Charles knows that the dog needs his help. Read Patches and learn how Charles and Lizzie help the poor pup find the home he truly deserves.

Saving Lilly by Peg Kehret

Saving Lilly Book CoverAge: 4th - 6th grade
While doing research for a school report, Erin Wrenn learns about the unkind treatment of circus animals. When her school announces that her class will be taking a field trip to the circus, Erin is upset and decides to get her class together to convince the school that this is not the right thing to do. Read this book and be inspired!

Seal Journey by Richard and Jonah Sobol

Seal Journey Book CoverAge: 1st - 3rd grade
This book is a true story of a photographer and his eight-year-old son who follow and watch adorable, newborn Harp Seal pups in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Through fun descriptions and beautiful photos, this book shares amazing tales of how Harp Seals live in the wild and the history of people's work to keep them safe. Read Seal Journey and you'll discover how special Harp Seals are.

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This Book CoverAge: 1st - 3rd grade
This interactive book is a cool and fun way to help you learn more about the similarities and differences between animals. Did you know that each body part on an animal has a special purpose? Animals use their tails, eyes, noses and mouths in very different ways, some in ways you would never guess. For example, some animals use their noses for digging and others their ears for seeing. Read What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? to discover how remarkable animals can be!