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If you would like to become a volunteer, you are required to register for and attend a New Volunteer Orientation first. To start this process, click the button below, select the date of your choice, then scroll down and select "click here to register".

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Volunteering at PAWS for School Credit

Each year, PAWS receives numerous requests to accommodate students participating in community service projects (usually called “Senior Projects”). PAWS limits the number of volunteers using their service for school credit to five students for the Companion Animal Services Department each academic year. No other departments can accommodate Senior Projects at this time.

In order to ensure timely, organized completion of the project, and that participation is mutually beneficial for our agency, the following requirements MUST be met by all students wishing to use their service at PAWS for school credit.

  1. An interview must be completed with the Programs Manager before a student is allowed to use PAWS as a service site.
  2. Volunteer Orientation, proper training for the volunteer position, and the first volunteer shift must be completed by February 1.
  3. All service hours must take place on PAWS’ campus with the exception of providing Foster Care for an animal.
  4. Time spent in Volunteer Orientation, Skills classes or interviews may not be counted toward the final number of service hours.
  5. Students must commit to only one weekly shift for three months. Substituting for open shifts is allowed, but a successful completion of their assigned shift is required.
  6. All forms requiring a signature must be signed during an appointment made with the Programs Manager. Students may not “drop in” for signatures.
  7. Material written about PAWS must be reviewed by the Programs Manager or Volunteer Coordinator of the appropriate department for accuracy.
  8. Failure to complete or termination from your volunteer position with PAWS will be reported to your school.

To schedule an interview, please send an email to our Companion Animal Services intern at Thank you!