Featured Pets

Every week, we give one of our dogs and one of our cats a little extra attention as part of this featured pets segment.

They might have been with us for some time or have a particular talent we can't resist sharing. Whatever the reason, it's an opportunity for us to celebrate them and for you to see what perfect pet partners they'll make!

Meet Riley

A pictureRiley the dog, available to adopt at PAWS in Lynnwood, Washington State

Six year old Rat Terrier mix Riley is a confident, playful and energetic young lady who is very social and loves to play fetch!

While never having lived with other pets or kids, she's very well socialized and likes dogs and kids of all ages. Riley would love to meet you!

If you're finding those gorgeous, soulful eyes hard to resist, come visit her at our Lynnwood location today!

Meet Ophelia

A picture of Ophelia the cat, currently available to adopt at PAWS in Lynnwood

Seven year old Ophelia is a lovely lady who likes to give kisses!

She can be a little on the spunky side and would be best suited to live in a home with teens/adults who can understand her 'cattitude'! Come meet this beautiful girl today at our PAWS Cat City location in Seattle's University District.

Meet Gloria

Image of Gloria the orange and black cat, available to adopt from PAWS Cat City

Every week, children from Spruce Elementary School in Lynnwood write up a fantastic profile for one of our adorable adoptables to help them find their forever home. This week, it's eleven year old kitty Gloria!

"Meet Glorious Gloria: A cat who is all about the looooove! She is a calm, cute, and cuddly cat. She has a graceful name that you will want to sing – “GLORIA! GLORIA!”. 

This little princess loves to cuddle – you might call her Princess Snuggle Bug! She’s feeling a little sad and shy because her guardian passed away.

This queen is eleven years old. She is a wise one! She loves to have her little cheeks brushed and she can be with people of any age. She is a sweet female, and will chirp when she feels safe and happy.

Gloria likes quiet homes. She will be like your little heating pad on your lap! She is dreaming of a new, gentle and loving family that will have the compassion and kindness to take care of her in her golden years.

Do you have the heart to see the LOVE GLOwing in her eyes? Come and meet Gloria today at PAWS Cat City!"


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