Can't Keep Your Pet?

PAWS understands that guardians have many reasons why they believe they cannot keep their pets. That's why PAWS has developed a Re-homing Service for dogs and cats.

PAWS also believes in lifelong commitments to companion animals, so our services also include finding solutions to common issues such as behavior problems, or moving to a new place, in the hopes that you can keep your pet.

If circumstances require you to give up your pet, please consider finding a new home for your pet on your own. Re-homing your pet will take time, patience and effort. However, your pet will be happier during the transition, and you have the added benefit of choosing his new home.

If you are worried about who will take care of your pet after you are gone, please read about our Lifetime Care service.

If these options won't work for you, you can learn more about PAWS’ Re-homing Service and how to surrender your pet to PAWS.