2010 Archive

The Washington State Regular Session adjourned on March 11, 2010. With only a 60-day session, and mired by the current economic climate, animal-related bills had a tough, short ride through this year's legislature. None of the bills listed below passed in the 2010 session.

HB 1406 & SB 5329
PAWS' position: Support

This bill would fund 70,000 spay/neuter surgeries per year for cats and dogs of low-income residents, and for feral and free-roaming cats in WA state. Affordable and accessible spay-neuter is a humane, proactive solution that would save our state's communities millions of dollars in preventable animal control and sheltering costs.

Although the bill did not pass, the Senate did pass a 2010 resolution recognizing that spay/neuter saves cats and dogs lives and taxpayer dollars. This resolution, combined with increased public awareness and support—and participation from numerous collaborating animal welfare groups—will add momentum to the bill in 2011. Visit SaveWashingtonPets.org for more information.

HB 1885
PAWS' position:

This bill would ban the intentional feeding of bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, deer, elk and raccoons to prevent habituation of these animals and reduce dangerous conflicts with them. This bill would give wildlife enforcement officers a means to investigate, educate and potentially fine neighbors who intentionally feed the wildlife listed. People would not be penalized for feeding their pets outdoors.

HB 1115 & SB 5389
PAWS' position: Oppose

This bill repeals the former trapping ban and reinstates weak trapping laws. This bill significantly expands the sale and trade of raw fur of wild animals and takes away protections against the use of body-gripping traps on targeted wildlife, non-targeted wildlife and pets. This bill severely weakens Initiative 713, which voters overwhelmingly approved to ban the use of cruel body-gripping traps in 2000.