2009 Archive

Bills signed into law

Thanks to compassionate citizens like you who contacted their legislators these important protections for animals passed.

ESSB 5651 Humane requirements for large-scale breeding operations
PAWS' position: Support
Also known as the puppy mill bill, it limits the number of adult dogs with intact sexual organs one person can possess to 50 and includes mandatory care standards to anyone who has custody of more than 10 intact adult dogs. Standards include access to clean food and water, exercise, proper housing, basic veterinary care, and protection from extreme weather conditions.

SSB 5402 Protects animals from convicted animal abusers
PAWS' position: Support
Also known as Seraphina's bill (after a rescued dog who survived severe neglect by her guardian), it prohibits people convicted of felony animal cruelty or repeated animal cruelty violations at any level from owning animals in the future.

Bills that did not pass

HB 1406 & SB 5329 Spay/neuter assistance for low-Income and feral/free roaming cats
PAWS' position:

It would fund over 70,000 spay/neuter surgeries per year for cats and dogs of low-income residents and for feral and free-roaming cats in our state. It would establish a fee on pet food to fund the program. To the extent funds are available, this bill would also assist animal organizations with the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs. This bill would not make spay/neuter mandatory, nor take money out of the limited general fund. Visit SaveWashingtonPets.com for more information.

HB 1885 Bans intentional feeding of certain wildlife by the public
PAWS' position: Support
It would prohibit people from intentionally feeding, attempting to feed, or attracting bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, deer, elk and raccoons. This bill is a positive step toward reducing human-wildlife conflicts. It would protect wildlife from becoming habituated to humans as well as protect people from serious health and safety risks associated with coming into close contact with wildlife.

HB 1115 & SB 5389 Repeals former trapping ban and reinstates weak trapping laws
PAWS' position: Oppose
It would significantly expand the sale and trade of raw fur of wild animals and take away protections against the use of body-gripping traps on targeted wildlife, non-targeted wildlife and pets. It severely weakens Initiative 713, which voters overwhelmingly approved to ban the use of cruel body-gripping traps in 2000.

ESB 5200 Repeals an act relating to marauding dogs
PAWS' position: Support
Repeals provisions relating to the duty of an owner to kill his or her dog within 48 hours of being notified that the dog killed a domestic animal. Also repeals provisions requiring a sheriff to kill any dog found running at large without a metal identification tag between the months of August and March.

SB 5337 Directs emergency planning for animals during a major disaster
PAWS' position: Support
It would require Washington State military department's emergency management division, in cooperation with county and local governments, to prepare an animal emergency plan for local jurisdictions. The plan should provide for the evacuation, transportation, and temporary sheltering of pets and service animals during a major disaster or an emergency.