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Each week, we choose one adoptable dog and one adoptable cat for this special feature.

They might have been with us for some time or have a particular talent we can't resist sharing. Whatever the reason, it's an opportunity for us to celebrate them and for you to see what perfect pet partners they'll make!

Meet Molly

Molly Dog POTW Oct 08 main

Meet gorgeous Miss Molly

This spunky girl is your quintessential black lab: friendly, loving, playful, and full of energy! Molly is an active girl who will benefit from an equally active home that can wear her out! Molly does well with everyone she meets, but her exuberant greeting style may be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though, she is just so excited to meet you! 

Come by and say hello to Molly at PAWS Lynnwood today!

Meet Sassy Girl

 Sassy Cat POTW Oct 08 main

Meet the lovable Sassy Girl!

This pretty girl knows she has the beautiful face and big cheeks every tabby wants! Sassy Girl can be shy when meeting new friends and appreciates a good talk and gentle pets. Once she settles in at home, she will want to be close by and socialize with her people while also being independent enough to happily lounge by the window in the sun while you’re away. She can’t wait to be a loving member of an easy-going and calm home with adults and children over 12

Stop by Cat City and say hello to this sweet girl today!


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