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                                                                                                  July 27, 2005
Kevin Mack

Thanks for Five Great Years
by Kevin Mack, PAWS Wildlife Naturalist

In the past 5 years as PAWS naturalist, I have overseen the release of several thousand animals. None of these releases would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers, and dozens of interns, externs, and staff members. The wildlife center is a large, and complex place, and the workload is extremely daunting. It takes strong leadership to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, to ensure that we have the materials and support we need to do our jobs effectively, and to ensure that we are always giving the highest quality of care to the animals with which we work.
Wildlife Director Kip Parker speaks at a press conference
regarding three orphaned cougar cubs.
For the past 5 years, we have been fortunate to have strong leadership in the form of Wildlife Director Kip Parker. Although Kip has now moved on to undertake new challenges, he will certainly not be forgotten.

Kip arrived at PAWS in early 2000. It was clear from the beginning that he would have an extremely positive impact on the wildlife center, and I'm not just saying that because Kip created the naturalist position that I now hold. It was Kip's attitude towards the profession of wildlife rehabilitation, and the way he inspired and empowered his staff to be the best that they could be that made us all excited to work under his direction. One thing that Kip said repeatedly to the staff during his time at PAWS was, "My job is to make sure that you have everything you need to do your job." And he was very good at that job. Whether it was supplies, training, moral support, guidance, or simply a willing ear that was needed, Kip was always there to fulfill that need.

The impact of Kip's direction can be seen in the numerous new cages that now stand on the hill behind the PAWS Wildlife Center. They can also be seen in the new volunteer station, and cleaning pad, and soon they will be seen in our 4 large seabird pools and building ventilation improvements. Less tangible effects can be found in the staff that worked under him in which he fostered a strong sense of teamwork and mutual respect. Kip's vision is reflected in the PAWS strategic plan, which means we will continue to benefit from his contributions for years to come.

Kip presides over the dedication of the wildlife
center's new volunteer station.
Kip's influence stretched far beyond the walls of the PAWS Wildlife Center. He was instrumental in the creation of the Washington Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. He was active in the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. He worked with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and other organizations to increase oil spill preparedness in Washington state. Under Kip's direction, PAWS played host to wildlife professionals from India, Russia, China, and Japan. In addition, Kip traveled to Japan to speak about PAWS and wildlife rehabilitation at a large veterinary conference. He had an obvious passion for his work, and his enthusiasm was infectious to those with whom he came into contact.

Kip's last day as PAWS Wildlife Center Director was Wednesday, July 20th. The following day he left for Toronto, Canada to take on the position of Wildlife Director for a wildlife rehabilitation and education organization called Earth Rangers. We all wish him best of luck for the future, and we cannot thank Kip enough for his enormous contribution during his time here at PAWS. I also want to personally thank Kip for all of the help and guidance with which he provided me over the years. So, thank you for everything Kip, it was truly a privilege to work with you.

Show Your Support for Wild Beings by Supporting the "Wild Things"!
This year's PAWSwalk will be Saturday, September 10th, 2005 at Sand Point Magnuson Park in Seattle.

PAWSwalk benefits all of the animals that PAWS cares for through sponsorships, registrations and pledges.

The PAWS Wildlife Center has once again formed "Team Wild Things" to raise money for this year's event. Last year, the "Wild Things" raised more than $5,400 for the animals, and we would love to beat that total this year. If you would like to make a pledge to support the team, please click here:

Wild animals released between July 13 and July 26, 2005:

8 Northern Flickers
1 Band-tailed Pigeon
2 Eastern Cottontails
1 Glaucous-winged Gull
1 Barred Owl
1 Eastern Gray Squirrel
1 Virginia Opossum
3 Barn Owls
1 Northern Flicker
4 Canada Geese
1 Killdeer

308 wild animals have been released since the beginning of 2005.

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