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                                                                                                  May 18th, 2005
Kevin Mack

Fresh Faces at the Wildlife Center
by Kevin Mack, PAWS Wildlife Naturalist

Over the past several weeks, admissions have really picked up at the PAWS Wildlife Center. Dozens of species of Washington wildlife are now actively breeding, and this has been very evident in our intake logs. The following photos will give you a glimpse of just a few of the dozens of new faces we've been seeing in recent days.

His eyes and ears still closed, an infant raccoon rests in an

Stellar's Jay
A hungry Steller's Jay begs for his next meal.

A timid Short-tailed Weasel peaks out of his hide box.

Two orphaned kinglets huddle together in a nest.

An infant otter is bottle fed.

One of many orphaned American Robins currently in care.

Harbor Seal
A young harbor seal, nearly ready for release.

Four young mallards enjoy a swim.

River Otter
Another young River Otter awaits his feeding.

A young Band-tailed Pigeon perches in his cage.

Two infant raccoons jockey for position at feeding time.

Four orphaned finches huddle together in a make-shift nest.

Wild animals released between May 2nd and May 17th, 2005:

1 Wood Duck
2 Western Grebes
1 Barn Owl
6 Eastern Gray Squirrels
1 Eastern Cottontail
1 Varied Thrush
3 Virginia Opossums
1 Northern Saw-whet Owl
4 Mallards
1 Northern Flicker
1 Short-tailed Weasel
1 Harbor Seal

91 wild animals have been released since the beginning of 2005.

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