Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

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Kevin Mack
Another Form of Release
by Kevin Mack, PAWS Wildlife Naturalist

Release comes in many forms at the PAWS Wildlife Center, the most desirable of which is frequently celebrated in words and pictures here in Wild Again. But the harsh reality of this vocation is that release for a large number of our patients comes only in death. Severely damaged when they are admitted, some of them pass on their own. With others, we must make a difficult choice. For people who dedicate their lives to helping wild beings, respectfully and humanely ending lives is as much a part of their work as saving lives. The releases that occur outside the walls of our center are heartwarming and uplifting. The releases that occur inside our center are heartbreaking and emotionally draining. But whether they occur inside or outside the center, all releases have a similar outcome; freedom is restored, suffering is alleviated, and an animal's wildness is respected and preserved.

The remainder of this page was intentionally left blank to symbolize a moment of silence for the wild beings who found release inside the PAWS Wildlife Center in 2003.

Wildlife Release tally: December 24th to December 31st, 2003

3 Glaucous-winged Gulls
1 European Starling

Wildlife Release tally: 2003
1,115 animals

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