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October 2006  

New and improved
Just in time for the school year, PAWS launched a new with a fresh look and feel, and informative, “kid-friendly” content. In the coming months, it will expand to include still more information, pictures, and additional resources for parents and teachers. The only animal-focused website for youth based in the Puget Sound, is an important part of PAWS Humane Education Program. Students doing research on animals and searching for ways to help animals in their community, or teachers looking to include humane curriculum in their classrooms can turn to as a resource.

If you visit the new website, you will also see on the homepage an announcement for the next PAWS Kid’s Day on Saturday, November 4, 2006. Kids and their parents or guardians will get an inside look at PAWS, learn about the wild and companion animals we care for, and take part in a service project to help them. This is not a drop-in event, but a half-day of scheduled projects and tours. There are only 12 spots available, so RSVP’s are required in order to participate. Please contact Julie Stonefelt at 425.787.2500, ext. 258 or Please note: Kid's Day participants will be able to visit dogs and cats during their activities, but will not have direct contact with any animals in PAWS' care.

Mark your PAWS calendar
Featuring the beautiful work of B. Sparks Photographer, save your dates with the elegant PAWS 2007 wall calendar that highlights 13 companion animals and their unique stories.

This calendar is a tribute to the companion animals who warm our hearts and our homes, and to all those homeless or stray animals who have yet to find their own loving families. For $14, you can purchase a calendar by visiting PAWS Cat City in Seattle, the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter and Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, or by calling 425.787.2500, ext. 255 to order by phone. PAWS 2007 Calendar is also available at select retail outlets, including all branches of Mud Bay Granary, and True Value Hardware on Mercer Island!

Change of seasons, comes change of hours
Now that most of the orphaned summer babies have grown up and been released back to the wild where they belong, PAWS Wildlife Center returns to its shorter hours of operation for the fall and winter. As of October 1, the center is open to the public to receive wildlife and to assist people with questions about wildlife, from 8 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.

Is your bird-feeder safe?
Bird feeders are common fixtures of many backyards, but are they the best thing for our urban wildlife friends? While it can help compensate for the food resources that have been taken away through habitat destruction, feeding wildlife—including birds—can pose many threats to their well-being.

  • Readily available food in one area can lead to the gathering of birds in unnaturally large numbers. Crowding is a key factor in spreading disease among birds.
  • Waste that gathers below and around the bird feeder can also spread diseases.
  • Free-roaming cats find many of their unsuspecting victims at bird-feeders.
  • Fallen food attracts mice and rats, which can also become a nuisance for homeowners.
  • Spoiled or poor quality food can be detrimental to birds' health.

    The best way to help wild animals is to provide fresh, clean water and plant native vegetation that will provide natural food sources and habitat for them year-round. However, if you don’t wish to give up your bird-feeder, follow these tips to keep your local bird populations healthy.
  • Give the birds some space by putting up a few bird-feeders. This will help ease crowding around one station.
  • Regularly clean the waste on and around the bird feeders, including old seed and bird droppings.
  • Disinfect feeders weekly to help get rid of and prevent any diseases from spreading.
  • Use only fresh, good quality food formulated for feeding birds (no bread or crackers). Discard any old or moldy food inside the feeder or in your supply container. Thoroughly disinfect the container if you find rotten food.
  • Do not hang feeders too close to your windows to prevent birds from accidentally crashing into the windows. To break up the reflection that the birds see, hang streamers or strips of material in or place stickers on your window.
  • Keep your cat indoors or supervisor him when outside to help keep birds (and your cat!) safe.
  • Encourage your neighbors to take these precautions, too, as the birds probably feed at all of the community bird-feeders.

If you have more questions about the effects of feeding wildlife or how to responsibly maintain your bird-feeder, call PAWS Wildlife Center at 425.787.2500, ext. 270.

They came, they raised funds, they walked
In true Pacific Northwest style, more than 1,100 walkers, 150 volunteers and hundreds of dogs met at Magnuson Park on the misty morning of September 9. With rain jackets, umbrellas, and smiles, dedicated animal lovers gathered to support the animals at PAWS.

Participants in the 15th Annual PAWSwalk raised more than $160,000 for animals, making this year's event the most successful ever. Special recognition goes to Kobi Yamada, the Top Fundraising Walker, and to Seth Eisner’s team Urban Beast, who earned the Top Fundraising Team honor. Congratulations also to the Top Youth Fundraiser, nine-year-old Simon Sharp who raised more than $700!

Humans and canines alike also enjoyed the festivities after the walk. Whether testing their skills at the canine agility course, enjoying a relaxing canine massage, shopping for goodies at more than 30 vendors, or meeting a host of new friends, everyone left happy and excited for PAWSwalk 2007! Check out for details and to see a list of our sponsors who helped make it a success.

Looking for love? Adopt a shelter dog!
October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, so if you’ve been thinking of looking for a canine pal, stop by PAWS or your local animal shelter. If you adopt from PAWS this month, you’ll pay $10 less on the adoption fee for dogs aged one year and older. This sweet adoption deal, as always, includes:

  • Spay or neuter surgery for your new friend, in order to prevent unwanted litters of puppies.
  • Worming and initial vaccinations.
  • Free health exam certificate honored by most local veterinarians, to jump start that important relationship with a vet.
  • AVID microchip with national registration to provide permanent identification, so your dog can find his way home if lost.
  • Collar and leash, for safe walks.
  • Educational materials and access to our free behavior helpline, to help you and your pal maintain a strong, wonderful relationship for a long time to come.

Also, this weekend, October 14 & 15, is the Safeway sponsored Adopt a Pet weekend, where both dogs and cats will be anxiously awaiting their new homes. Thank you to Safeway who is promoting the adoption weekend in their stores and donating leashes, cat carriers and other supplies to shelters, including PAWS. Meet some animals for adoption at PAWS.

PAWS for a Bite
Dine on delicious meals made from locally produced food at Seattle’s Stumbling Goat Bistro on Wednesday, October 18, and help PAWS at the same time. For one night only, our friends at Stumbling Goat Bistro will donate a percentage of the night’s proceeds to help the animals at PAWS. For directions to the restaurant and to see what’s on this week’s menu visit

Working to help animals
This fall, you may soon be invited by your human resources department to participate in their workplace giving program, whether you work for a small business, large corporation or government agency. Through automatic payroll deductions, it’s easy to make a big difference for animals throughout the coming year .

Making a one-time donation or giving $5, $10, or more per paycheck to PAWS will go a long way in helping the animals in our care. For $140—less than $12 a month—you can feed all of the dogs and cats at PAWS Companion Animal Shelter for one week. And, f or less than $25 a paycheck, PAWS Wildlife Center can provide enough food for five orphaned black-tailed deer fawns.

And, did you know that PAWS Wildlife Center is a proud member of Earth Share of Washington? Earth Share is a federation of more than 60 local, national and international organizations who focus on environmental issues. You can give through Earth Share of Washington and know your contributions are going to fund a variety of important environmental causes including PAWS’ life-saving wildlife rehabilitation.

For more information on your workplace giving program contact your employer's human resources department or Eleanor Blackford at PAWS at 425.787.2500 x833 or Thank you!

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A Northwest leader in protecting animals since 1967, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelters homeless animals, rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife, and empowers people to demonstrate compassion and respect for animals in their daily lives.


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