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December 2005  

Picture your pet with Santa Claws

Once again, PAWS is partnering with PetSmart to offer Santa Claws pet portraits at the Aurora PetSmart (13000 Aurora Ave N, Seattle) on December 3rd, 4th and 17th, from 11 am to 4 pm each day. For $9.95, participants will receive two Polaroid shots of their companion animals with Santa Claws and two festive holiday photo frames. In addition, PetSmart will donate $5 of each photo package sold to help the animals at PAWS. For more information about the event, please call PetSmart at 206/361-1634. Stop by the store and capture a special portrait of your best friend. Thank you to PetSmart for supporting PAWS!

Help them get home for the holidays

Help them get home for the holidaysNearly a month into our Home for the Holidays campaign, PAWS has found loving homes for 198 homeless animals (50 dogs and 148 cats) and reunited another 15 lost animals with their families. Warmest thanks to all those who have opened their hearts and homes for animals in need. PAWS' goal is to find forever homes for at least 500 animals by January 6, 2006. Here is one joyous union that happened this November:

Lulu's incredible disposition kept amazing the staff at PAWS. At nine-months old, she arrived on September 2nd and wasn't adopted until just before Thanksgiving. For many dogs, that length of time in a shelter environment can impact their emotional and physical health. But not for Lulu. She actually improved each day. For two months, she was one of the favorites for both staff and volunteers. She sat politely in her kennel, regularly offered wet kisses and played ball with youthful enthusiasm.

Even with these charming traits, she had one that was likely held against her: she was a pit bull mix. Many dogs like Lulu wait for a long time for someone to take notice. However, she was just what Sheryl Morris was looking for.

"I had a pit mix for 13 years," said Sheryl, "She was very loyal and so sweet, never hurt anyone."

When Sheryl met Lulu she said, "Her back end was wagging so hard, her feet about came off the floor. Once we were in the outside greeting area, she was extremely affectionate and licked my face all over. I thought, 'I like her.'"

Since coming home with Sheryl, Lulu—now Lily—sleeps contentedly at Sheryl's feet in the evenings and on Thanksgiving, Lily happily romped with Sheryl's grand-dogs and grandchildren.

If you are looking to add some unconditional love in your life, see the many adorable adoptable animals adoption webpage, eager to find their way home for the holidays.

Katrina cats ready for adoption

Speaking of adoption, don't forget that starting on December 16th, the four cats that were rescued in the Gulf Coast for whom PAWS has been caring will be available for adoption. All are now in foster care and are doing very well. After their long ordeal of surviving the hurricanes and traveling thousands of miles from home, they are eager to find loving, permanent homes. Stay tuned to the PAWS' website in the coming weeks for more information.

Open for business -- PAWS StoreOpen for business—PAWS Store

Have you hit all of the after Thanksgiving sales and still don't know what to get for your friends and family? This holiday season, PAWS has all your shopping wrapped up—right here in the new, online PAWS Store. From PAWS logo water bottles and kids' "I'm kind to animals" tee shirts to gift memberships and beautiful greeting cards, you will be proud to give a gift that helps animals. Visit PAWS store.

Be a friend to wildlife this winter

As temperatures drop, there are many ways you can be a good friend to your wildlife neighbors. Consider some of the following this winter:

  • Clean bird feeders frequently. When animals gather in one area, they can easily pass diseases to each other. In the winter, some birds may rely more heavily on bird feeders, so it is even more important to keep feeders clean.
  • Check the perimeter of your house for holes that may provide easy access and seal them properly (after making sure no animals are inside). Some animals may look for warmth and refuge inside attics, crawl spaces and basements.
  • Before using your fireplace, check for any animals and nesting materials that may still be in your chimney.
  • Securely cover garbage cans, as hungry animals may be tempted by leftovers and other food waste. Many items found in the garbage can harm wildlife and it will save you having to clean up after their rummaging.
  • With colder temperatures, it is crucial to get help for injured wildlife right away. If you find an animal you think needs help, call PAWS at 425/787-2500, ext. 817.
  • Before disposing of your Christmas tree this year, call PAWS at the number above, to see if we can use it in caring for our wild patients. Please do remember to call BEFORE bringing in the tree.

Thank you for your compassion for wildlife!

New license plate to benefit animals

New license plate to benefit animalsExpress your love for your pets and help animals at the same time! On January 3, 2006, a new Washington state "We Love Our Pets" license plate will be available at all Vehicle Licensing offices. Proceeds from the sales of the plates will help fund a statewide pet sterilization program administered by the Washington State Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies (of which PAWS is a member). The plate features loveable characters designed by Brian Basset, creator of the nationally syndicated "Adam@Home" and "Red and Rover" comic strips. Learn more.

This plate was made possible largely by the efforts of the Federation, which is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and advancing the humane ethic in Washington state by providing professional training, advocacy resources and support services. PAWS' own executive director, Annette Laico, is on the Federation's board of directors and works closely with fellow animal organizations to make Washington a kinder place for animals.

It's going to be a Wild Night

Back by popular demand, PAWS' Wild Night gala and auction is set for Saturday, March 11th, 2006, at W Seattle. Enjoy an elegant evening including a cocktail hour, an animal-friendly gourmet dinner, exciting auction items, and live entertainment. Also that evening, a youth who has shown exceptional compassion for animals will be honored with the PAWS Youth Helping Animals award. For more information, check back at PAWS website early in 2006 or call 425.787.2500, ext. 833.

Show your support

Show the world you care about animals by renewing your support of PAWS today. Did you know that PAWS relies on donations - gifts from individuals, foundations and companies - for more than 80% of our funding? Without your continued commitment we could not care for 4,000 cats and dogs, 4,500 wild animals, educate thousands of children and advocate for the humane treatment of animals in our community every year. Please make a special gift today - thank you!

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A Northwest leader in protecting animals since 1967, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelters homeless animals, rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife, and empowers people to demonstrate compassion and respect for animals in their daily lives.

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