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                                                                                                       June 2005

Three bears return home
Just before winter, PAWS received three orphaned black bear cubs-two females and a male. All were found in different areas of Washington, all alone and too young to survive the winter on their own.

Gradually, the three were introduced to each other to provide them with important socialization, exercise and stimulation. Throughout their stay in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, staff, volunteers and visitors watched them on a video monitor, delighted by their frolicking behavior and amazed by their rapid growth. Click here to watch a video of them at the center just before their release.

Approximately six months after their arrival, all three were healthy and strong enough to go off on their own. Last month, the two females were released 35 miles apart in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest and the male was released deep in the Cedar River Watershed. At each site, as each crate door opened and the fuzzy, black bodies lumbered out in the open, everyone felt joyful-partly because we knew there were three less, large hungry mouths to feed. But mostly we were joyful because after the hard work of a caring team, these magnificent creatures were now able to be what they were meant to be-wild and free.

Click here to watch the story by KOMO 4 News about the release of the male black bear.

Help put an end to the "Deadliest Horse Race in the World"
The small town of Omak in Eastern Washington is the home of the brutal "World Famous Suicide Race." During this August event, riders repeatedly race horses off Suicide Hill at a slope organizers have boasted is an "almost vertical…62 degree angle." At breakneck speed horses then meet, with concrete force, the rocky Okanogan River. After a panicked swim of more than a football field in length, the horses face a final, grueling uphill sprint.

In the last 20 years that PAWS has monitored the Suicide Race, 20 horses have died. In 2004, three horses were killed in the first heat alone! Washington law prohibits the "injury or death of animals for amusement or gain." If horses racing at Emerald Downs were to die at the same rate as horses in the Suicide Race- one horse in every four races- it would be shut down immediately. What makes the horses of Omak unworthy of the same protection?

PAWS is working to end this cruel race once and for all and you can help by joining the PAWS Suicide Erasers. Visit to sign up as a Suicide Eraser and learn more. It features shocking videos of the race, a contact list of corporate sponsors, frequently asked questions, downloadable brochures, race history and much more.

Reunited and it feels so good!
It was the last day of Abe's stray period and his guardian still hadn't been found, which is common for cats in shelters across the country. In 2004, only two percent of stray cats that came to PAWS were returned to their guardians. PAWS staff knew that someone had to be missing this amiable, outgoing feline. He was obviously loved. So they checked the lost reports one more time and scanned the website, a new procedure, hoping to find someone looking for an elderly, black cat with long, fluffy fur.

"We found a description on Petfinder's site of a lost cat that sounded just like Abe," said Kay Joubert PAWS Companion Animal Services Director. "Only the family lived in Mountlake Terrace, not in Lynnwood where the cat was found. It was close enough for us to give it a try."

Beckie Bonnell was relieved to receive the call from PAWS. Abe, whose actual name is Griffey, otherwise known as the "Griff Monster," had been missing for about a week and a half.

"He's the king of the neighborhood, even though he's 16," said Beckie. "He likes to come along when we walk the dogs, but in all the years we've had him, even after moving nine times, he'd never gotten lost."

She could hardly believe that he was found in Lynnwood and wondered if he might have accidentally taken a car ride with someone. "I've gotten all the way to the grocery store before, only to find Griffey in the back seat," Beckie recalled.

Despite his recent adventure, Griffey was eager to continue his exploration, except now he does so sporting a multi-colored collar with a shiny new identification tag-his ticket home the next time he wanders too far.

Seriously fun- and important- playtime
Need a place for your puppy to play without the risks of an unsupervised adult dog park? PAWS introduces a new program for those little canine rascals: PAWS Puppy Club. This program (which began on June 4th) is a fun and safe way for people and their dogs, eight weeks to four-and-a-half months old, to socialize and play with other dogs.

Every Saturday, from 10 am to 11 am at PAWS, puppies can join the fun and gain the skills they need to grow into well-balanced adult dogs. PAWS Puppy Club is supervised by a professional dog trainer and costs $10 per one-hour session. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are preferred. Call 425/787-2500 ext 820 or email All puppies must be accompanied by their guardians and up-to-date on all required vaccinations.

Help the environment at Earthshare's Day in the Park
Join PAWS' naturalist Kevin Mack on Saturday, June 11th, as he leads PAWS' team to help with beach clean up, rebuild trails and remove invasive plant species at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. This annual event organized by our fundraising partner Earthshare of Washington ( starts at 9:30 am and goes until 3:00 pm. There will be free food, live music and giveaways. You can sign up directly and read more about the event at

Send your car to the dogs (or cats!)
Selling your vehicle? Avoid the hassle of expensive ads, receiving phone calls and price haggling. Help the animals by donating your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, boat, or motorcycle in good running condition to PAWS. It's easy and for a great cause. Learn more about donating your vehicle to PAWS.

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