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                                                                                                       May 2005

Fine art and great food to benefit animals at PAWS
Warren Knapp, an American Impressionist, has pledged to paint 100 portraits of local companion animals to raise $25,000 for PAWS. For every 24" x 30" companion animal portrait commissioned, he will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to support the animals at PAWS. To order a beautiful portrait of your animal, email Portraits are $500 each.

The paintings will be unveiled the evening of May 19th from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Warren Knapp Gallery in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. That same evening, four neighborhood restaurants are donating a percentage of the night's proceeds to PAWS. Join us for PAWS for a Bite at:

1200 Bistro & Lounge, 1200 East Pike Street, Seattle, 206/320-1200
Local Cafe, 1514 East Olive Way, Seattle, 206/328-2282
Maharaja Cuisine of India, 720 Pike Street, Seattle, 206/320-0334
Satellite Lounge, 1118 East Pike Street, Seattle, 206/324-4019

Partake in great food then head over to the Warren Knapp Gallery for fine art, refreshments and the company of animal-loving individuals, all while supporting PAWS!

To attend the Warren Knapp Gallery event, RSVP to or 206.381.3335. The gallery is located at 1530 Melrose Ave. Seattle or For questions, email Cassandra Koehn at PAWS at

It's rough without mom
Early in April, a homeowner in Clinton discovered an uninvited guest had made a home under her house: an adult river otter. State agents responded to her complaint and successfully chased the otter away. Soon after the homeowner boarded up the entry, she heard squeaking noises coming from inside. A baby otter, barely a few days old with eyes not yet open and umbilical chord still attached, had been left behind. The mother, who probably felt it was too dangerous, did not return.

The baby otter was transferred to PAWS' Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Hospital, where his first few days in our care were precarious. Dehydrated, lethargic and cold, the fragile infant needed intensive care. With scheduled feedings six times a day from 5 am to 10:30 pm, and an incubator to regulate his precise humidity and warmth requirements, his condition slowly but steadily improved.

Now at about three weeks old, he is growing bigger and stronger by the minute. Thankfully, a sad story is heading toward a happy ending. This beautiful and downright adorable creature, reminds us how much our seemingly harmless choices affect other lives. This spring and summer, please take great care in not disturbing nests and dens. If you have a conflict with a wild animal in your home or on your property, please call the PAWS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Hospital at 425/787-2500, ext 817. We can help you with solutions to peacefully coexist with our wild neighbors.

Seattle Waldorf School helps keep tails wagging at PAWS
Tim Love and Seattle Waldorf School students keep tails wagging at PAWS through their unique service-learning project. Tim and the students make dog biscuits and sell them at their school bake sale, donating the profits to PAWS. They also supply the shelter dogs with these wholesome treats, made primarily from organic ingredients and approved by PAWS' companion animal veterinarian.

This service-learning project has benefited many. When Chloe, a stray dog with a broken leg was brought to PAWS, she refused to eat. As a last resort, staff offered her these treats made by the students. For the beginning of her recovery they were the only food she would eat. As Tim Love says, "The process of engaging students in the creation, the hands-on building and baking are just a start…Theirs becomes work that has a measurable impact on others and the environment."

Romeo finds true love and a new home
You would think that being left alone with barely any food or water in a garage for three months would break a poor dog's spirit. But not Romeo's (formerly known as Ralphie). Now living with his new guardian Kim Byford, Romeo lives up to his name. He cuddles, loves to play and charms everyone he meets.

"I was surprised that he is not cynical. He does not cower or seem afraid, even though he was treated badly," said Kim. "The day I brought him home he seemed like he belonged there right away."

Common in dogs who have been abandoned, Romeo does have some separation anxiety. Kim is using patience and kindness to teach him that this is his home forever and he is already improving.

Romeo has, in turn, inspired Kim to start her own dog walking and photography business. She said, "I wanted to do it for years and he has enabled me to make that decision. I'm very happy to have gotten a gift such as Romeo."

They paddled for PAWS-in record time!
We would like to give warm thanks and hearty congratulations to Bob Donovan and Paul Zimmerman-two brave souls who swam more than three miles across the Puget Sound in a record two-and-a-half hours to support the programs and services at PAWS! So far they have raised nearly $3,000 (and pledges are still coming in) for a total of more than $15,000 since they accomplished their first Paddle for PAWS six years ago. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and compassion to help the animals at PAWS and look forward to next year's daring journey. You can still pledge in honor of their courageous swim by donating to PAWS today. In the additional comments section, write in "Paddle for PAWS 2005."

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