November 2004

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Welcome to the Return Edition of PAWS People Helping Animals
People Helping Animals is one of several e-mail newsletters that PAWS sends each month to bring you news about animals and the people who love them. After a two-year hiatus, it will again grace your email inbox the first Thursday of each month. What will you find each month in People Helping Animals? You'll get the latest news from PAWS: what special animals were adopted, invitations to upcoming events, and interesting stories about the wild animals in our care. So welcome back and read on!

A Sticky Mess
After receiving word of a large oil spill in Dalco Passage this October, the PAWS Wildlife Center immediately prepared its hospital facility to provide emergency care for oiled wildlife. One of the victims, a Western grebe, was first stabilized by a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife oil response unit before being moved to PAWS where he underwent a complex cleaning process by the trained PAWS response team. After a thorough cleaning, the staff reintroduced whole fish to the grebe and then placed him in an indoor, enclosed pool where he furiously preened his feathers to rebuild the waterproofing crucial to survival in an aquatic environment.

The staff continued to give the grebe proper nutrition to restore his weight, then re-acclimated him to the natural elements in an outdoor pool and monitored him closely to ensure successful waterproofing. At the end of this rehabilitation process, the grebe was given a clean bill of health. It was time for him to go home. On October 25th, the grebe was released back into the chilly Puget Sound waters where he belonged-free as a bird should be.

Read more about the PAWS Wildlife Center.

Home for the Holidays
More families look to bring a new furry companion into their lives during the holidays than any other time of the year. That's why PAWS has again joined thousands of other shelters across the country for the "Home for the Holidays" campaign. Between November 8th and January 2nd, PAWS hopes to place 500 homeless dogs and cats into new, permanent loving homes.

PAWS encourages people to look to their local animal shelter for a new friend instead of a pet store or a breeder. The animals in our care are healthy, well adjusted and desperately looking for a second chance. (See some of the dogs and cats available for adoption at PAWS.) Our highly skilled adoption advisors act as personal matchmakers to help adopters find special companions who will fit perfectly into their lifestyles. The PAWS Companion Animal Shelter in Lynnwood and Cat City in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood are open everyday except Mondays and major holidays. See hours and directions. Give a homeless animal a home for the holidays!

Helping Friends of Another Kind
Normally, the PAWS on-site spay and neuter clinic sees dogs and cats come through its doors. But by the end of this week, 20 guinea pigs will have been spayed or neutered by clinic staff. Why the change in species? One of PAWS' partners in animal rescue, the Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House (BLRRFH), received 55 guinea pigs who were rescued from neglect in California. To prevent this number from growing, PAWS provided some spay and neuter surgeries and may help with more if needed. (Read more about the benefits of spaying and neutering your pet.)

This is just one example of how PAWS collaborates with many organizations and individuals to make a better world for animals. If you are interested in adopting one of these charming guinea pigs, visit the BLRRFH website at or call 206/365-9105.

It's the season to be thankful, so on behalf of all the animals at PAWS, thank you for your continued support of our mission to advocate for animals through education, legislation and direct care. Without you, none of our lifesaving work would be possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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