August 2002

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Indomitable Spirit

Watch the Video

Watch Spirit on the road to recovery.

She was simply one of the saddest cases we'd ever seen. When the tiny black lab pup was brought into the PAWS shelter, the people who brought her in described an awful story: they had seen local kids holding her by her hind legs and swinging her over their heads. She couldn't use her back legs, and was forced to drag them when she walked. She would need a lot of love and attention if she was going to make it. But this tiny little dog simply had boundless energy and drive. She inspired us all with her fight to live. We couldn't think of a more appropriate name for this special girl than "Spirit." Read more about Spirit's struggle and her happy ending.

Bark in the Park featuring PAWSwalk is one month away!
Bark in the Park featuring PAWSwalk is just one short month away and online registration ends on August 31. Join thousands of dogs and the people who love them at this giant doggie festival and PAWS fundraiser on Saturday, September 14, at Seattle's Magnuson Park. On hand will be Breezy, the beagle who plays Porthos on UPN's Star Trek series "Enterprise." Breezy is the first dog to go boldly where no dog has gone before! Bark in the Park features tons of booths, food, music, and contests. Great prizes are lined up for PAWSwalkers, including a trip for two to Las Vegas! To find out all about Bark in the Park featuring PAWSwalk, and to register online today, visit

Family reunion planned for animals adopted from PAWS; are you a PAWS family?
In honor of PAWS's 35th Anniversary and the 100,000th animal adopted from PAWS in late spring, PAWS is holding a giant family reunion at Bark in the Park and you are invited! Every dog that was adopted from PAWS are encouraged to be at Bark in the Park for a giant family reunion photo. We are also encouraging people who have adopted cats and who adopted dogs that have passed away to bring a favorite memento or photo to hold up during the photo shoot. "We are especially looking for folks who adopted animals during our early years in the late 1960s and early 1970s," says Richard Huffman, PAWS Advocacy and Outreach Director. "We'd love to honor some of these longest-term members of our family!" If you brought a PAWS animal into your family, please join us at Bark in the Park, Saturday, September 14, at Magnuson Park. If you have a friend who has or had a PAWS animal, please let them know about the family reunion as well. For more information about Bark in the Park featuring PAWSwalk, visit

Edmonds is closer to protecting animals; more volunteers needed
PAWS is helping lead efforts in the city of Edmonds to get all animals altered prior to adoption from the city's shelter provider. Volunteers have gathered more than 1,000 signatures on petitions to get a spay/neuter law put on the ballot. Those 1,000 signatures represent an incredible success, but we need 4,000 more signatures of Edmond's residents to get the measure on the ballot; we need volunteers to help us help the companion animals of Edmonds. People are LINING UP to sign these petitions and we just need more volunteers! This is an extremely important effort; Edmonds has one of only two municipal shelters from the Canadian border to the state capitol which release unaltered animals into their community. And Edmonds is currently euthanizing 100 animals a year. Your help is needed to stop this. To volunteer, please e-mail PAWS Companion Animal Advocate Tamar Puckett at, or call her at (425) 787-2500 extension 257.

Could your property be a wildlife release site for PAWS?
It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find accessible, appropriate natural areas to use as release sites for PAWS' rehabilitated wild patients. Many of these animals simply need a place to get started, an area with suitable cover and resources where they can readjust to life in the wild before dispersing. Others need an area to call home, a place where they will establish a territory and become a functioning member of the local population. In either case, your property may help fulfill this need. Read more about the PAWS Wildlife Release site program online at

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