June 2002

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Burned by fire, Smokey the kitten gets a second chance at PAWS
The fire was much more intense than Snohomish County Fire Captain Darrin Kelly expected. The house was a total loss. After fighting the blaze for an hour, Kelly went to the back of the south Everett home and discovered a car that had


"Smokey," saved from fire, safe at PAWS.

completely burned up in the blaze. And softly, faintly, Captain Kelly could here the cry of a tiny kitten. Under the car Kelly found several sad kittens who had burned to death in the blaze, too tiny to crawl away. Under them Captain Kelly found a lone survivor. Burned on his pads and much of his hair scorched, "Smokey" (as Captain Kelly dubbed him) was clinging to life. Snohomish County animal control rushed Smokey to PAWS. He was less than two weeks old. Smokey won over the hearts of the entire PAWS staff as we put him into our "bottle-feeder" foster care program. After such a sad start to his life, things are finally looking up for Smokey. Watch the video of Captain Kelly visiting Smokey at PAWS the day after his heroic rescue.

Celebrate our 35 years of helping animals by becoming a member!
This year PAWS celebrates 35 years of helping animals. From our humble beginnings in a thrift shop on Highway 99, to becoming the Northwest's favorite animal advocacy and direct care organization, PAWS is an important institution protecting the animals of our community. In honor of our 35th anniversary we are inviting all PAWS supporters to join PAWS today and become a member. That means you! At our base $35 level you will receive a subscription to the PAWS member magazine, and we'll send you PAWS window sticker. There are other great premiums available for memberships at higher levels. Help us help animals and join PAWS today!

Learn about wildlife and how to protect companion animals with free PAWS classes in July
Squirrels, eagles, raccoons, crows… PAWS Wildlife Center and Meadowbrook Community Center want to teach you all about our wild neighbors at four weekly free classes this July. Learn about the basics of wildlife rescue, living with wildlife, fun facts about birds, and there's even a class just for kids. To learn more about these free classes visit the July page on the PAWS calendar, or call Holly Anderson to RSVP at 425.787.2500 extension 812.

You've seen the sad dog tied to the chain all day in a backyard and you've wondered "what can be done?" "What can I do to help?" Learn how to help protect pets from neglect and cruelty by attending a free PAWS-sponsored half day seminar this July 20 in Greenwood. PAWS Advocate Jennifer Hillman and representatives from local animal control and animal welfare agencies will help you understand what is abuse and neglect of animals, what to do when you see it happen, and how to get involved in strengthening animal cruelty laws. For more information visit the page for the class on the PAWS calendar, or call Holly Anderson to RSVP at 425.787.2500 extension 812.

Time to get barking! Time for PAWSwalk!
Bark in the Park featuring PAWSwalk is just a few months away and now is the perfect time to register you and your best canine friend for the September 14 event. This year's festival is at Seattle's Magnuson Park, which offers a safe and fun enclosed course for PAWSwalk, a giant off-leash area, tons more room for booths, games, and contests, and lots and lots of parking! Visit the Bark in the Park web site for more information, or sign up online today and beat the crowd.

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