April 2002

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Gus melted my heart the moment I saw him
“My heart sank as I realized a thin, frightened face was looking at me from the back of a rusted out pickup truck. Gus and his brother Obie had been cast aside like the rubbish in the yard. As I moved slowly towards Gus I saw he was starving and injured. Gus had a glassy look in his eyes and he wouldn't look right at me, but rather was staring at some garbage on the ground. It wasn't garbage after all. It was Obie. He was dead.” Read how former PAWS Shelter Director Colleen Smith rescued Gus and saved his life.

Help! I've found a baby bird!
Everybody knows that if you find a baby bird, you can't put it back in the nest because the mother bird will reject her, right? Wrong! The PAWS Wildlife Center receives hundreds of healthy baby mammals and birds every year that were mistakenly brought in by well-meaning people. But how can you tell whether a baby bird or mammal REALLY needs the help that a wildlife rehabilitation center can provide? Try the new step-through guides on the PAWS web site to help you determine whether the baby mammal or bird that you encounter needs to be returned to her nest, left alone, or maybe brought into PAWS.

Two friends go paddling for PAWS... across Puget Sound
This past Sunday Bob Donovan and Paul Zimmerman donned wet suits and swam from Seattle to Vashon Island in honor of the animals at PAWS. This was the third time that Bob and Paul went "paddling for PAWS." The trip took about 4 exhausting hours covering about 4 miles of chilly Puget Sound water. View the video of their swim! Bob and Paul raised several thousand dollars for the animals at PAWS. If you would like to donate to PAWS in honor of Bob and Paul's Paddling for PAWS swim, please donate online.

Become a member of PAWS and join a family of people helping animals
We will be called upon to help so many animals in 2002… and can only respond if generous caring people join with us. Every single member is one more voice for animals. Together we can accomplish much more for them than any one of us can do alone. Please join PAWS today.

Join PAWS at Compassion Conference 2002 this weekend
Please join us at Compassion Conference 2002 and learn how to live a more humane life! PAWS, NARN, HSUS, and PETA host Compassion Conference 2002: Advocating for Animals and the Environment this weekend. Hear keynote speaker Ingrid Newkirk, Founder of PETA, who will also be available to sign copies of her book. Compassion Conference 2002 will be offering 9 workshops with topics including animal agriculture, political and legal change for animals, companion animal issues and vegetarianism. Among the speakers or panel moderators will be PAWS shelter supervisor Eric Ofsthus, and PAWS Advocates Jennifer Hillman, Sheridan Thomas, and Tamar Puckett. The conference will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 9:30am to 4:30 pm at the Seattle Center - Northwest Rooms. You must RSVP by Wednesday, April 10 at noon if you would like lunch included with your admission! To register today, call Holly Anderson at 425.787.2500, extension 812. For more information about the event visit www.paws.org/compassion. We hope you can join us for this important conference!

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