March 2002

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Welcome to the first edition of PAWS People Helping Animals
PAWS People Helping Animals is one of several e-mail newsletters that PAWS sends out to keep you informed on all the great news about animals and the people who love them. You can unsubscribe to this list at anytime by following the link at the bottom of this email. If you like this newsletter, you can also subscribe to other great PAWS e-mail newsletters as well. If you would prefer to receive the newsletter in plain text format, that option is available too. What will you find each month in PAWS People Helping Animals ? You're going to find the latest news from PAWS; what special animal was adopted, what events are coming up, what wild animal was released, what important animal legislation is being considered, and more! Initially, we have signed you up for three newsletters: PAWS People Helping Animals (a monthly newsletter about the great news coming from PAWS), PAWS Actionline (a weekly opportunity to get involved on behalf of animals), and Wild Again  (a bi-weekly report on the wildlife that PAWS has returned to wild). By following the link at the bottom of this page, you can unsubscribe from any of these newsletters, or subscribe to other newsletters.

A bald eagle soars free once again
Rather than donning a cap and gown, and listening to endless commencement speeches, Evergreen State College graduate Julie Stonefelt chose to do something more meaningful on her graduation. She worked with PAWS to help an injured bald eagle fly free again. "Standing on the beach I realized I had completed the circle," says Julie. "I couldn't help but feel I was repaying the gift, even if in the smallest way, by helping to give this eagle back his greatest gift--his freedom." Read more of Julie's story.

Healthy, Happy and Hopping; free rabbit care class
Bunnies can be a fun companion animal for your family, but they have very special needs. Come hear rabbit expert Sandy Ackerman of the Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, and Ferret House and the House Rabbit Society talk about how to give your smallest family member the best care possible. Learn the basics of appropriate food, confinement, toys, exercise, and special needs for rabbits, rodents, and ferrets. This free PAWS University Class is on March 27th, at North Seattle Community College. For more details/RSVP information on this and other classes offered by PAWS, visit the events calendar on the PAWS website. See all available PAWS rabbits.

A boy and his dog; PAWS helps him find the love of his life
When Richard Huffman first walked into PAWS twenty years ago to adopt a dog, he didn't know how important Fred, a sweet, brindle-colored bundle of love, would become in his family's life. For Valentine's Day the Seattle Times profiled Richard, Fred, and Richard's new PAWS dog, Ruby. Read the Seattle Times story.

Working Dogs; Working and Barking at the dog-friendliest workplace in America
Walk into the downtown Seattle headquarters of national kitchenware retailer Sur la Table, and receptionist Wendy Honsher greets you with a friendly smile. Behind her, a gentle commotion sprouts from a U-Haul packing box. Bear, Wendy’s young puppy, pops his head out, greeting visitors with a winning disposition and a let’s-play personality. Down the hall, Luna, a shepard-mix, patrols an office. Neo, another shepard, is around the corner. Further on, Judy, a sweet little schnauzer, makes it known that she needs to go for a walk. On any given day, as many as 20 dogs may be found at the two downtown Seattle Sur la Table headquarters buildings, working alongside their human guardians. Welcome to the dog-friendliest company in America. Read more about Sur la Table in the latest edition of PAWS, the member magazine of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, now online. If you would like to receive PAWS at home, please join PAWS.

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