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A Gift From the Heart

The holidays are a time to give thanks for friends, family and animals in our lives. Support from generous animal lovers like you sustain PAWS’ life-saving programs and community services.

PAWS is grateful for you—together we are champions for animals—rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals and people.

Your gift this holiday season helps the animals in our care today, and will help thousands more in the year ahead. To make a year-end gift in honor of a friend, family member or animal in your life, you can contribute online or send in your tribute gift by December 17. You’ll be helping the animals at PAWS, and we’ll send a special card to your honoree in time for the Christmas holiday.

If you are looking for great gifts that give back, browse the PAWS Store for comfortable and fashionable apparel, dog leashes, water bottles, as well as the PAWS 2011 Calendar, gift memberships and more for every animal lover on your holiday list.

With our best wishes for a warm, humane and happy holiday season.

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Bring Her Home for the Holidays

The upcoming holiday season just might be the perfect time for your family to welcome a new animal friend. PAWS can help! Now through January 3, you’ll receive a 20 percent discount on the adoption fees for cats and dogs six months and older.

Take a look at the many wonderful animals for adoption at PAWS. Then visit the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter or PAWS Cat City and let us help you find your perfect match just in time for the holidays!
Meet Laurel, an adoptable cat at PAWS

Your 2011 New Year’s Resolution—Get Active for Animals!

The Washington State Legislature will convene on January 2011 for its 105-day session. Our newly-elected legislators and incumbents will want to hear from you—the people who put them in office—about policy that impacts animals.

"You’d be surprised to find that a few citizens, taking less than a minute to e-mail or call their legislators, can literally change the course of a bill that impacts animals!" says PAWS Public Affairs Coordinator, Sylvia Moss. "Legislators always tell us they want to hear more from their constituents," she adds.

Make it your New Year’s resolution for 2011 to get more active in helping to change policy that impacts animals.

Find your legislators at and alert them to two important animal-related bills in 2011:
Sylvia Moss, PAWS Public Affairs Coordinator, in Olympia
  • The spay-neuter bill, which will be reintroduced again in 2011, would fund 70,000 spay and neuter surgeries per year for cats and dogs of low-income residents and for feral and free-roaming cats in Washington State. This bill would bring affordable, accessible spaying and neutering services to low income residents, and would save our communities millions of dollars in preventable animal control and sheltering costs. Visit for more information.
  • Another bill that PAWS anticipates being reintroduced in 2011 would ban the feeding of certain wild animals such as bears and Cougars, to prevent habituation of and reduce conflicts with these animals. This bill would give wildlife enforcement officers a means to investigate, educate and fine neighbors who intentionally feed potentially dangerous wildlife.
To keep up to date on legislation and other issues impacting animals in 2011, sign up for PAWS' Actionline e-news, keep watch on the PAWS Blog and bookmark our Legislative Watch web page.

"Bearly" Reaching a Seasonal Record

In November, PAWS Wildlife Center received our 70th bear since the first bear we admitted in 1986. With five bears still currently in our care this year, this season’s bear intake of 11 is the second highest since 1998, which totaled 16 bears.

PAWS Cat City Finds a New Home

After more than 13 years in our Greenwood location, PAWS Cat City will be moving out December 27 and opening in the new location in Seattle's University District in January. Construction is currently underway. The new address will be 5200 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite B, next to the I Love New York Deli. This new space includes parking and easy access to I-5, more room for more cats and kittens, and will provide an even better experience for potential adopters.

"It was a bittersweet decision," said PAWS Executive Director Annette Laico. "Greenwood has been such a supportive, loving community, and we want to thank everyone for the many great years there. It is hard to say farewell. At the same time we’re excited for the possibilities at the new location."
Adoptable Cat Looking Out the Window of PAWS Cat City
With a relaxed atmosphere, and cats and kittens lounging in open rooms, PAWS Cat City has become the premier Seattle area location to adopt a cat companion. In 2009, we found homes for more than 850 cats and kittens through this satellite cat adoption center. The setting allows us to give potential adopters an opportunity to mingle with the cats, observe cats and kittens as they play and interact with each other, and get a better sense of each cat’s unique personality. Stop in for a visit during the new year at our new University District location!

Seabirds Get a Second Chance

PAWS Wildlife Center took in 40 seabirds in late October from the Ocean Shores area. The birds had been blown ashore by recent windstorms on the coast. Most were extremely thin, and many had minor injuries or soiled feathers due to being tossed in the surf and lying on the rough sand of the beach.

PAWS staff and volunteers worked diligently to return the birds to good health and clean their feathers to restore their waterproofing. While some of the birds have succumbed to their injuries or emaciated condition, others have responded quite well. The last of the seabirds were released in November, including several loons and scoters.
White-winged Scoter being released into the wild
This female White-winged Scoter was among the first to be released back into the wild.

Homeless People Helping Our Homeless Animals

Was it November’s Thanksgiving cheer, or a special kinship felt between the homeless residents of St. Martin de Porres Shelter and the many homeless cats and kittens at PAWS Cat City? Whatever the reason, staff were quite choked up when St. Martin de Porres Shelter volunteers showed up with donations for PAWS, collected from their homeless residents.

St. Martin de Porres Shelter provides safe and dignified night shelter for homeless men age 50 and older.

The donations, totaling $140.24 in change, came in four pickle jars and were so heavy, "they had to be rolled in with a carry-on suitcase!" exclaimed Cat City Supervisor, Stephanie Renaud.

Thanks so much to the kind residents of St. Martin de Porres Shelter. Your selfless act to help homeless animals, at a time when you too are in need, is an inspiration to all of us.

Photo courtesy Erika Minton
Photo of a jar of change

Snohomish County Contract Remains with PAWS

In these tough economic times, communities across the state are making difficult budgetary decisions, often involving the cutting of services.

During the budgeting process, Snohomish County considered eliminating funding for the shelter service contract it had with PAWS for over 20 years. In 2009 alone, PAWS took in more than 1,200 stray cats and dogs from unincorporated Snohomish County.

Fortunately, after listening to the concerns of citizens and PAWS, the County Council voted to retain the funding necessary to support this important service.

We are very appreciative of the Council's support and understanding of the importance of providing citizens with two convenient and reliable options when they find a stray cat or dog—the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter and the Everett Animal Shelter. This is great news for the animals and citizens of Snohomish County.
Cora, found stray in Snohomish County, is available for adoption at PAWS

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