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October 23, 2009 

In this issue:

    Celebrate adult dogs—meet Clyde
    Why adopt an adult dog?
    Meet Steve
    Help kitties at PAWS get exercise
    Wildlife release news
    Election time: CityDog Contest
    PAWSwalk success!
    Save animals while you work

Picture of Clyde
Meet Clyde

Celebrate adult dogs—meet Clyde
In celebration of Adopt a Dog Month, PAWS has reduced our adoption fee for dogs over six months of age to $75. This offer lasts through October so you still have time to find your new best friend. With so many wonderful and different dogs available for adoption, you're sure to fall in love! See some of the dogs at PAWS.

Want to meet a star adult dog for yourself? Clyde is an amazing five-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. This affectionate and gentle boy has the best years of his life ahead of him. A big goofball, Clyde needs someone to give him a second chance at having a permanent home. He's so loving he'll show you his gratitude everyday with plenty of kisses and snuggles. Come meet Clyde today!

Why adopt an adult dog?

  • Adults will bond with you just as easily and quickly as a puppy will.
  • Many adult shelter dogs are already housetrained.
  • Adult dogs can be calm and tolerant companions for children.
  • Dogs over the age of two are typically less destructive than younger pups.
  • Adult dogs will have already developed a personality, so you know who you're taking home.
  • Older dogs are easy to train because they have longer attention spans and may have come from a home environment where they've learned good behavior.
  • You're saving the life of someone who needs a second chance.

Picture of Steve
Meet Steve

Meet Steve
Another star here at PAWS is Steve the cat. This boy is a big beautiful lover! He will start purring as soon as you pick him up, and he'll even roll over for tummy rubs. If you're looking for a cat who acts like a dog - this is the boy for you. He's a big cuddle-bug who would really love to find his permanent home! He's now at Cat City, waiting to meet you.

Help kitties at PAWS get exercise
Cats love and need to scratch to stay healthy and happy, but the cat cages the adoptable cats stay in at our shelter aren't large enough to accommodate scratching posts. There's finally a solution. A company called Stretch and Scratch makes scratchers that attach to cage doors. Want to help? You can purchase and ship them to PAWS at 15305 44th Ave. West, Lynnwood, WA 98087. The kitties thank you!

Wildlife release news
Now that summer is over and fall has arrived it's time to return to the wild many of the orphaned wild animals who have been in our care since infancy. After being raised at PAWS through the spring and summer, the various Raccoons, Douglas Squirrels, Northern Flying Squirrels, Townsend's Chipmunks and many others are all grown up and ready to find their own way in the wild. Wildlife staff is busy finding good locations to release all of the animals who are ready to say goodbye! Watch for updates in Wild Again.

Picture of racoon release
Young Raccoons surveying their new home
  Picture of squirrel
This recently released Douglas Squirrel didn't hesitate to partake of the ripe berries

Picture of Scout
Canine Good Citizen Scout enjoying PAWSwalk (photo courtesy CityDog magazine)

Election time: CityDog Contest
Cast your vote for Scout, a PAWS alumnus who is a finalist in CityDog Magazine Cover Dog Model Search! If Scout wins, he'll be on the cover of the next magazine. Voting ends on October 30, so cast your vote today.

Scout came to PAWS with a severely injured leg that had to be removed. But that doesn't stop her from showing off her skills. Scout was the model dog at the Canine Good Citizen booth at this year's PAWSwalk. Her adoptive mom says after fostering the sweet girl back to health after her surgery, she had to adopt her. Kritty the cat, Scout's best friend at home, agreed.

Picture of PAWSwalk
Happy dogs and their people walk the route

PAWSwalk success!
PAWSwalk was a big success once again! 1,500 walkers and nearly as many dogs gathered at Magnuson Park for the 18th annual September walk. We enjoyed gorgeous weather and loads of good energy and love for PAWS. More than $190,000 was raised for all the deserving animals at PAWS. Thank you to all of the walkers, volunteers, donors and sponsors for helping make this life saving event such a huge success. Check out the photos from the event.

Save animal lives while you work
It's that time of year when workplace giving programs are getting started so watch for the opportunity to donate to the animals at PAWS at your workplace. Refer to PAWS' website or contact your human resources department for more info.

Why donate this way?

  • Giving through payroll deduction is easy, and allows you to give over time without hassle.
  • Your gifts provide a steady, reliable resource that sustains the expert care and loving attention PAWS provides to thousands of pets and wildlife each year.

Many employers also match their employees' financial and volunteer hour contributions. Your HR department can tell you if your employer has a program.

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