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July 2, 2008 

Two Reasons to Join us at PAWSwalk
Photo of Thomas the cat.We're ramping up for our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we hope you can join us to help animals in need at PAWS. Need a reason to go? Here are two reasons (well, four) for why your support is so important to the life-saving work at PAWS.

Reason One: Thomas the Orange Tabby
After living most of his four years in companion bliss with his guardian, Thomas was banned alone to the garage for the last year when he and his person moved in with someone who didn't want cats in the house. Terrified of the noisy washing machine next to his litter box in the garage, he often chose to do his business elsewhere, far from the thrashing box of metal.

Now at PAWS, Thomas receives playtime, affection and plenty of chin scratches from staff and volunteers, and uses his litter box faithfully. This good-natured, gentle boy has delightful freckles on his nose and relishes every visit with a person. While he is now getting the TLC he's been missing, he really deserves a permanent home where he'll continue to thrive with regular companionship---an indoor-only home, as Thomas was declawed years ago and lacks defenses for the great outdoors. Think Thomas would be a good match for you? Come by PAWS to meet him.

Reason Two (Three and Four): The Three Raptors
Photo of three Barn Owls at PAWS.These three Barn Owls must have fallen from their nest high in the rafters of an old barn, as they were found hiding under the floorboards. Thin and dehydrated and still bearing their fluffy down, a concerned citizen brought them to PAWS for care. Being careful not to let these raptors lose their wildness, PAWS wildlife rehabilitation team provided for their every need.

Now the owls are almost fully feathered, and becoming stronger and more independent each day. When PAWS' naturalist took this photo, they spread out their wings acting as large and fierce as they could---just what we like to see. Within the next few weeks, these three will be ready to return to the wild where they belong, to carry on their heritage as free and wild owls. Have a question about wildlife? Call PAWS Wildlife Center at 425.787.2500 x817.

Come Bark in the Park to Help Animals
You can help Thomas and the Barn Owls, and thousands of other animals like them, go home by joining us for PAWSwalk on Saturday, September 6. Enjoy a 5k fundraising walk in Seattle's Magnuson Park, a Kid's Zone, canine agility course, free samples galore and more. Walkers also receive a variety of prizes for their total donations raised. Want to volunteer, too? We'd love your help! Register today to walk, volunteer or pledge support at

Cat Adoption Fair and Discount
Find your perfect feline friend at Meow in Mukilteo cat adoption fair on Sunday, July 20 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Mukilteo YMCA (10601 47th Place West, Mukilteo, phone: 425.493.9622). PAWS will be on hand with several cats and possibly some kittens for adoption.

As a bonus, PAWS is also offering $10 off the adoption fee for cats six months and older at the one-day Meow in Mukilteo, and throughout the month of July at our shelter in Lynnwood and at PAWS Cat City in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood.

Photo of the PAWS van.Seafair Parade
Speaking of Greenwood---grab your PAWS shirt (if you don't have one check out PAWS' store) and your crowd-friendly pooch, and join PAWS staff and volunteers for the Greenwood Seafair parade on Wednesday, July 23. We'll be marching alongside the beautiful new PAWS van holding signs with messages about animals. To find out where and what time to meet for the parade, contact Kelly Konicki at See you there!

Mill Creek Festival
Prefer a canine friend? Meet some PAWS' shelter dogs looking for their forever homes on Sunday, July 13 at the Mill Creek Festival from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This year's event features a whole section dedicated to pets, and also takes place on Saturday, July 12. For more info on the festival visit

PAWS' 41st Anniversary Party
You are cordially invited to celebrate PAWS' 41st year with us on Wednesday, July 16 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at PAWS in Lynnwood. Get a behind-the-scenes look at PAWS, enjoy animal-friendly refreshments, and mingle with others who love animals. Please RSVP to Eleanor Blackford by July 11 at | Support PAWS | Volunteer | Adopt | Co-exist with Wildlife | Report Animal Cruelty

Please direct questions or comments to People Helping Animals and other PAWS services rely on your donations. Please give to PAWS.

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