February 2008 

It's going to be a Wild Night!
Join us at the Wild Night gala event for an elegant and inspiring evening to celebrate PAWS and raise funds to fulfill our life-saving mission. The unique ambiance of the newly-remodeled Sheraton Seattle Hotel, located in the heart of downtown, will provide the perfect setting for a memorable evening. The night includes a delicious, animal-friendly gourmet dinner, the presentation of the Youth Helping Animals Award, and lively silent and live auctions. Wild Night sold out the last two years, so make your reservation today!

Learn more about Spay Day 2008It's not just rabbits who multiply like rabbits
Left to their own devices, our beloved canine and feline companions breed like bunnies, their litters facing uncertain futures. But help is on the way: Spay Day is coming up on February 26, 2008, when dozens of local veterinary clinics will offer low-cost spay and neuter surgeries in Snohomish, Island and Skagit counties. Surgeries on Spay Day are just $40 for male or female cats or kittens, and $60 for male or female dogs or puppies---a significant discount on the regular cost. Please note that additional charges may apply for animals who require vaccinations, are overweight, geriatric, in heat or have other medical conditions. Check out PAWS' Spay Day page to find a clinic near you and make an appointment.

Another way you can participate is through the Spay Day USA pet photo contest. Among many fabulous prizes, the winner of the contest will have the honor of awarding a $5,000 grant to one of the organizations participating in Spay Day USA. May the best photo win!

The bills that become laws
The Washington State legislative session is now in full swing and there are several bills up for consideration that impact animals. You can help ensure that animals are protected in our state by letting your legislators know you care about animal issues. Read more about this session's animal-related bills and how to contact your state senator and representatives to voice your opinion. Thank you for taking action for animals!

Get to know the Northern Flying Squirrel
Northern Flying SquirrelDid you know that the Northern Flying Squirrel is the only nocturnal squirrel species found in Washington State? The thin, furry membrane of skin that extends from the squirrels' wrists to their ankles enables these mammals to glide from tree to tree. On the ground, this extra skin limits their ability to walk, making them easy prey for predators. To protect themselves, flying squirrels spend the majority of their lives in trees. So, the next time you want to cut down an old, dead tree, consider this: there may be a Northern Flying Squirrel resting or nesting inside the hollowed out protection of that snag.

Wanted: youth heroes
Don't miss this opportunity to recognize a special young person who has shown incredible compassion for animals. Know someone who has helped a grandparent care for a pet? Or has led a wildlife habitat restoration project, or who volunteers with abused horses or rescued pigs? Help us celebrate kids and teens working hard to make a more humane world, by nominating your favorite young superhero for the PAWS Youth Helping Animals Award.

Last year's recipient was seven-year-old Caroleve Axtelle. A remarkable young person, Caroleve plays an integral part in caring for foster animals with her family, raised nearly $400 for PAWS through selling home-made dog scarves and lemonade, helped find the guardians of a stray bunny in her neighborhood, and chose to become a vegetarian to lessen her impact on the lives of animals.

The 2008 recipient will be presented with the award at PAWS' Wild Night gala on April 5, and also recognized on PAWSkids.org and in PAWS magazine. Download the guidelines and nomination form today. Nominations must be received by February 29, 2008.

9,000th cat adopted from Cat City
9000th cat adopted from Cat CityNick George was looking for a young, spry cat when he visited PAWS' shelter in Lynnwood. Not quite finding who he was looking for, he saw a sign about PAWS Cat City in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, asked for directions and headed south, not knowing he was about to enter the record books.

Upon arriving, Nick immediately liked the welcoming feeling of Cat City's unique neighborhood setting, and cats roaming free of cages. As he relaxed inside the cat colony rooms getting to know some of the cats and kittens, he noticed Paisley, a three-month-old tortoiseshell kitten. "She was being playful, but she didn't seemed starved for attention," Nick described Paisley. "I liked that she could have fun playing on her own, but was happy to have company as well." Nick decided she would fit right into his home and adopted her on the spot---the 9,000th cat adopted from Cat City since its opening in 1997!

Paisley, now Kink---named for her slightly crooked tail---shares Nick's home with his other cat Frankie, who, according to Nick, has now made it his responsibility to look out for Kink. As to being part of Cat City history Nick said, "It's pretty shocking. I didn't expect to be famous when I set out to adopt a cat that day, but it's fun."

Show your love
Valentine's Day is a day for sharing your passion. Here at PAWS, we cherish you for sharing our compassion for animals. Whether your heart is full of puppy love, or long-lasting companionship, send your Valentine a truly unique gift this year by making a donation to PAWS in their honor. You can also share your love by sending your sweetie a special PAWS e-card. E-cards are delivered immediately, so you can avoid a trip to the dog-house if you miss the mail or can't get to the store this Valentine's Day!

TomatoesCheck out the cooking demonstrations, thousands of delicious samples, veggie recipe books and dining guides, kid's activities and PAWS---just some of the attractions you'll find at this year's Vegfest: the largest vegetarian festival in the United States! There's never been a better time to explore the delicious and healthful world of animal-friendly cuisine. Come join us at this annual festival on March 29 and 30 at Seattle Center's Exhibition Hall, hosted by our good friends at Vegetarians of Washington. Many opportunities to volunteer for this event are also available. For more information visit Vegfest2008.org.

A nice bonus to filing your taxes
New customers who use H&R Block to prepare and file their taxes this year can help the animals at PAWS at the same time. Just print out the coupon and take it with you to any H&R Block office when you sign up for service, and PAWS will receive a $25 donation. It's a simple way to help the animals while taking care of something we all have to do this time of year. Thank you!

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