October 2007 

PAWS voted Best Animal Rescue
Our warmest thanks to the viewers of Seattle's King 5 Evening Magazine who voted PAWS as the Best Animal Rescue of Western Washington. We are thrilled to receive this honor, and grateful for the generous support of the community that makes our work possible. Watch the PAWS piece that aired Monday, and tune in to King 5 on October 13 at 8 pm to see PAWS again on the Best of Western Washington special.

Give it up---to the animals!
Looking for a new way to help animals? How about hosting a gift drive? It's a fun and simple way to introduce the life-saving work of PAWS to your co-workers, friends, family and social groups. Tips for how to organize a drive and a sample e-mail message for you to personalize---along with our holiday wishlist---is now online for your convenience. For more information about hosting a gift drive for the animals, visit PAWS' gift drive page, or contact Eleanor Blackford at 425.787.2500 x833 or eblackford@paws.org.

A true wildlife advocate
The people and wildlife of Washington State lost a dear friend last month. Rocky Spencer, biologist and carnivore specialist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife passed away unexpectedly while doing what he loved most---protecting animals.

Rocky viewed wild animals, such as cougars and bears, not as threats to be minimized but as treasures in our midst to be respected and appreciated. His life was dedicated to teaching both young and old how to peacefully co-exist with our wild neighbors, as well as inspiring them to advocate on the animals' behalf. Many of PAWS' humane education programs have been influenced by these messages of compassion. Rocky also worked closely with PAWS Wildlife Center, assisting with releases of rehabilitated cougars, bobcats and bears.

Over the last several years, Rocky had been conducting a crucial study about the cougars that live in and around East King County, in order to learn more about the mysterious big cat. He and his team had discovered that they do live among us and more often than not, we didn't even know it---strong evidence that we can and have already been coexisting with our state's largest carnivore.

Read about this fascinating study on cougars in King County in the Seattle Times.
Read a poignant editorial on his life and our collective loss in the Seattle PI.
Watch a tribute to Rocky on KOMO TV's website.

Never give up
Nika reunited with her family. In September, a kind citizen found a scared, sweet black dog wandering alone near Lynnwood and brought her to PAWS. She wasn't wearing any identification and no one had come looking for her, so our shelter staff went online, as we often do, to search for postings for lost dogs. In the meantime, they called her Maria.

PAWS' Animal Behavior Lead, Heather Laney, came across an older listing on Craigslist.com about a missing Rottweiler/black Lab mix, which was likely Maria's mix. It seemed like a long shot because the family lived in Anacortes, Washington, but Heather gave it a try. They emailed Heather a photo, which looked just like Maria, and told her about a special command not commonly taught to dogs. Maria responded quickly to this command---it was definitely their dog, and her real name was Nika! It had been three months since Nika's family had last seen her, when they were together in Burlington, Washington---nearly 50 miles from where she was found. The family was so grateful they posted a thank you on Craigslist, "Awesome job...Thank you so much. She's home. Pet owners....never give up, we basically had. Thanks PAWS."

Microchip scare
Last month, news resurfaced about studies performed in the 1990's that suggested microchips may cause cancer in animals. Naturally, the reports have made some pet guardians uneasy. But before you decide against getting a microchip for your pet, consider that PAWS and the Washington Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) still strongly recommend all pets be microchipped, and PAWS continues to microchip every dog or cat adopted from our shelter. The tiny implants coded with a unique number have been responsible for reuniting hundreds of thousands of pets with their families for years. Animals are at a much higher risk of being euthanized in shelters across the country because they have become lost, than they are of contracting cancer because of the implant. Read a recent article in the Everett Herald and the WSVMA's statement on microchips.

A tail-wagging success
Thank you to all of our friends who supported PAWS at the 16th annual PAWSwalk. Presented by 98.9 Smooth Jazz KWJZ, PAWSwalk 2007 was a true success! While donations for the animals continue to come in, we are thrilled to announce we have surpassed our goal of $150,000. Read more and view photos at PAWSwalk.net.

Whether you prefer a couch potato or an avid hiker, we can match you up with the companion of your dreams---a canine companion, that is. Throughout October, in celebration of Adopt-a-Shelter Dog month, PAWS is offering $10 off the adoption fee for dogs one year and older. Let us introduce you to your new best friend!

Meet Gordon, a sporty fella with a great face.

Meet Priscilla, a sensitive gal with a calm spirit.

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