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TA-DA! As you may have noticed, PAWS recently had a little makeover leaving us looking better than ever. With this fresh new look also comes our new and improved PAWS website with a cool new kids section!

This section is packed with cool things made just for you. Some highlights include our Homework Help page and our Stuff to Do page; they are both super fun pages and full of great information.

We hope you like the new changes as much as we do. Enjoy!
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Playful Pals

Puppies are amazing. They’re wiggly, squiggly, and best of all they are always ready to go, go, go! They are incredibly fun, but those furry little balls of energy require a lot of attention. Sometimes, people don’t realize how much work is involved in caring for a puppy. They bring one home, only to discover they really don’t have time to give him the attention he needs.

This might have been the case for Buster, an adorable Australian Shepherd puppy, who was surrendered to PAWS shortly after the winter holidays. Buster didn’t understand why he was brought to a shelter; he knew he just wanted to play.

Doug and Bonnie had been visiting PAWS every two weeks since November in hopes of finding a companion for their young Australian Shepherd dog named Calli. True to her breed, Calli had so much energy she was wearing out Doug and Bonnie. They decided the best solution was to adopt another dog who could be a playmate for her. But they knew it had to be a dog with just as much energy, so they took their time to find the right one.

When they returned for another visit in January, Doug and Bonnie met Buster and felt like he would be the ideal addition to their family. With all his puppy energy, Buster was the perfect match for Calli. Buster also discovered that Doug and Bonnie were the perfect people for him. They knew Buster needed more than just play time, he also needed regular walks. Just in the first few weeks of arriving home, he went on 12 long walks with Doug, Bonnie and Calli, adding up to a total of 36 miles. For Buster that was more than 760,000 steps!

Now that Buster has his forever home with a family who understands his puppy playfulness, he is one contented pup!

Picture of Buster

Picture of Buster and Calli on chair

How to Help If you are thinking of adopting a puppy or kitten, be responsible and learn about all of the many things your new puppy or kitten will need before making the decision to adopt a new pet.


Become a Dog Groomer

Picture of Dog Groomer A shampoo, a trim, maybe a manicure; ooh-la-la, are you spending a day at the spa? No silly, your pampered pooch is getting groomed! Dog grooming can be a booming business. Oftentimes, people are too busy or don’t have the right tools to keep their pets clean on a regular basis and rely on the services of an expert. As a dog groomer, you have the opportunity to work with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Big and small, long, curly or short fur, energetic puppies or mellow older dogs, it is never boring!

Grooming is more than just bathing dogs. It also means gently brushing their fur to prevent tangles, keeping their toenails trimmed and checking their ears and eyes. Not only does it keep them looking great, but it is also important for their health.

You can start today by learning about the many different earth-friendly shampoos and products available to keep dogs looking their best. You can practice by gently brushing your own dog and giving him a lot of love. Not only will your furry friend look and feel great, it will be a great bonding experience for you too!


Floppy Ear Club

Youth Spotlight Photo from Kids Helping Animals The Floppy Ear Club devoted their last three summers working to earn money to donate to PAWS. Some of their activities have included bathing, walking and caring for dogs, making and selling doggy treats and hosting a lemonade stand.

Thank you to Madeline, Wynter, Kelly, Sonia and Chelsea for all your hard work and generous hearts!

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Helping Wildlife

Ask Riley Dear Riley,

I want to help the wild animals in my backyard but I was told that feeding them is not good idea. What else can I do to help them?

- Jack
Have a question for Riley? Send him your question and he will try to answer it. You can e-mail him at

Dear Jack,
I am happy to hear that you are taking time to notice the wildlife in your backyard; they are all such amazing creatures. You are right. Feeding wildlife is not a good idea because it can be both dangerous for the animal and can create problems between wildlife and your neighbors.

The best way to help is to co-exist peacefully with wildlife and provide a healthy habitat for them to live in. Don’t forget to make sure that your family uses animal-friendly products in the yard as well – it will ensure that everyone, animals included, can enjoy the backyard.

Your friend,
Riley Raccoon


The Orphan Seal by Fran Hodgkins

Kids Helping Animals Book Cover The Orphan Seal is a heartwarming and true story of a tiny Harbor Seal pup separated from his mother by a storm on the coast of Maine. Weak from hunger and chilled from a night on the beach, how will he survive without his mother? Discover the details of his rescue and the rehabilitation required to return him to the sea.

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Pileated Woodpeckers

  • Pileated Woodpeckers are the largest of the common woodpeckers found in most of North America.
  • The Pileated Woodpecker has a long, barbed tongue and sticky saliva which helps to capture prey like ants and beetle larvae.
  • They make drumming sounds on dead branches or anything hollow to attract a mate and to defend their territory.
  • Their abandoned nest cavities provide homes for other birds, small mammals, and other animals.
  • The call of a Pileated Woodpecker is a loud kuk-kuk-kuk.
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Photo of Pileated Woodpecker



Did you notice the green words in this newsletter? These are vocabulary words that may be new to you. Below you can find each word with its definition.

Breed: A specific type of animal (in this case dog) with particular genetic traits and lineage
Co-Exist: To live together in the same area
Habitat: The natural environment or place where a wild animal lives
Rehabilitation: To restore to good health through specialized care by licensed professionals
Surrender:To give up something knowingly and willingly | About | Cats & Dogs | Wildlife | Get Involved | Events | Kids | Support PAWS

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