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Urgent Call to Action: Prevent Horse Slaughter in Snohomish County

Please take five minutes today to tell the Snohomish County Council you support the proposed ordinance that would ban horse slaughter in the county.

This ban would stop plans for operating a horse slaughter facility near the city of Stanwood.  

SEND AN E-MAIL NOW. Here are 3 easy steps to get this done:

Step 1. Prepare your message. Use the following template to craft your message, or use other key points outlining why horse slaughter should not be allowed in the County, which can be found at: www.animallawcoalition.com

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Honorable Members of the Snohomish County Council,

I am writing today in support of proposed Ordinance 12-106, which would ban the slaughter of horses and other equines for public consumption. Contrary to common belief, horses sold to slaughter are not old, disabled or unthrifty, but rather healthy horses who are companions and are bought by “kill buyers”. The process of horse slaughtering is not a humane form of euthanasia, and since horses are not raised as “food animals”, the horse meat is not suitable for human consumption. Horse slaughter facilities create negative impacts on the community and the environment, and they do not create any significant source of tax revenue or new jobs.


Telephone / e-mail

Step 2. Address and send an e-mail to the members of the Council. The e-mail addresses of the Snohomish County Council are: Council Chair Brian Sullivan, District 2, Council Vice-Chair Stephanie Wright, District 3, John Koster, District 1, Dave Somers, District 5, and Dave Gossett, District 4.

Step 3. Or, if you live in Unincorporated Snohomish County, you can look up Who Represents You? to send a message directly to your County Council Representative.

Please contact kjoubert@paws.org if you need assistance with writing your message or identifying your legislators.

On behalf of the animals in our community, thank you!

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