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Stand Up for Thousands of Cats and Dogs in WA—
Take Action for the Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill

HB 1226, the spay/neuter assistance bill, is scheduled for a hearing this Thursday, March 3 at 8 a.m. Here is your chance to stand up for thousands of cats and dogs in Washington State! Review your options below and consider taking at least one action today to support HB 1226.
  • Attend this Thursday's public hearing: If you are able, please attend the hearing in Olympia this Thursday. It's incredibly meaningful when lots of people sign in "pro" on HB 1226—you don't even have to testify, but if you want to, get more details at:

    Public hearing details
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  • E-mail committee members (below) your comments by March 3: First, you may want to identify your representatives to see if they are among the committee members below. If yes, address your comments specifically to them.

    Use the template below to help formulate your message—pick 1-2 bullets for your e-mail.

    Dear Honorable Committee Members,

    I respectfully ask that you support HB 1226, the spay-neuter assistance program bill. This bill is important to people and animals in our community.

    (Choose one of the bullets below and add a personal note why spay-neuter matters to you.)

    • Cost is a significant reason why people don't alter cats and dogs that they're caring for. By breaking down the cost barrier, the bill will help reduce the number of unplanned litters of kittens and puppies, reduce the impacts on local animal care and control agencies, and help prevent tens of thousands of shelter deaths of homeless cats and dogs each year.
    • Pet overpopulation creates a serious financial burden on animal care and control agencies and animal shelters throughout Washington. The cost to handle one stray dog or cat through an animal control agency and shelter can run two to three hundred dollars or more, while the average cost of a spay/neuter surgery for that same animal, on average may be about half the cost or less. Clearly spay/neuter is an investment that can save our communities millions of dollars in the long run.
    (Your name, phone number and home address)

Please let us know after you take action by forwarding a copy of your message to!

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