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January 27, 2010 

Help an important wildlife bill pass the full House floor today!

Picture of a coyote running Let your two Washington State House Representatives know today (see instructions below) that HB 1885—which bans feeding by the public of certain potentially dangerous wildlife—is important to you! HB 1885 will be running on the full House floor for a vote on Thursday evening, January 28, so contacting your representatives ASAP is crucial. If passed, this bill would be a positive step toward reducing conflicts between humans and wildlife in Washington State.

Our elected officials need to know, with e-mails and phone calls, that protecting wildlife in our state matters! Please follow the instructions below to briefly and politely let your two House representatives know that HB 1885 matters to you:
  1. Either use the "Find your legislator" tool to locate your two House representatives' standard e-mail form, OR use the legislator email directory to directly email your representatives.
  2. Copy and paste the note below, adding only 1-2 points from the bulleted list to personalize your message.

    Dear (Representative),
    As a constituent, I respectfully ask that you support HB 1885 regarding the feeding of certain wildlife. This bill prohibits people from intentionally feeding potentially dangerous wildlife—bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, deer, elk and raccoons.

    (Choose only 1-2 bullets below to personalize your e-mail but to keep it brief.)
    • This bill protects wildlife from losing their fear of humans and protects the public from serious health and safety risks associated with coming into contact with wildlife.
    • This bill would give wildlife enforcement officers tools to investigate, educate and fine neighbors who intentionally feed the above defined potentially dangerous wildlife.
    • This bill would not penalize people for feeding their pets outdoors.
    • HB 1885 is a positive step toward reducing conflicts between humans and wildlife in our state.
    Please vote yes on HB 1885! I look forward to your response and thank you for your time.
    (Your name, phone number and home address)

  3. A phone call is also powerful and fast! Consider a phone call instead if you are short on time:
    • Washington State's Legislative Hotline is 1.800.562.6000.
    • Ask to pass a message on to your representatives that you support HB 1885 (add a brief point from the list above if you wish.)
    • Be courteous, brief and leave your name, phone, e-mail and home address.
Help us track support for this bill by emailing PAWS at, or cc us on your e-mail to your representatives.

Thanks for the letters we've received from many of you so far regarding contacting your legislators on the Spay/Neuter Assistance bill (SB 5329 and HB 1406). Given our state's budget challenges, it's important that we collectively let our legislators know animal welfare needs to remain a priority in our state.

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