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January 14, 2010 

Contact your legislators today to save Washington's pets!

Picture of a kittens If you live in Washington State, your legislators need to hear from you about a bill that will save thousands of cats and dogs' lives. Please send a brief e-mail today (see instructions below) to your state representatives and senator politely asking them to support and promote the Spay/Neuter Assistance bill.

The legislative session began January 11 and lasts only 60 days, so please don't delay. If passed, the Spay/Neuter Assistance bill (SB 5329 and HB 1406) will make spay and neuter surgeries possible for over 70,000 dogs and cats of low-income Washington residents, as well as fund surgeries for feral and free-roaming cats.

This bill will not make spay/neuter surgery mandatory. It will help fund an assistance program by adding a few pennies, per pound, to the price of pet food.

As their constituents, your elected officials value your opinion the most when considering their priorities. Please use the instructions below to quickly tell your representatives that the Spay/Neuter Assistance bill is important to you!

  1. Use the "Find your legislator" tool to locate your House and Senate representatives' e-mail forms. Or e-mail them directly using this formula:
  2. Copy and paste this short message below and add 1-2 points from the bullets to personalize it.

    Dear (Representative or Senator),
    As a constituent, I respectfully ask that you support the Spay/Neuter Assistance bill, (WA Senate Bill 5329 or House Bill 1406). I also urge you to encourage Senator Brian Hatfield and Representative Brian Blake to pass their chambers' version of the bill through committee in January.

    (Please choose only 1-2 bullets below to keep the message brief!)
    • Passage of the spay/neuter bill will help both pets and the economy making spay/neuter surgery affordable and accessible for a substantial number of pets whose owners cannot pay for it on their own. Private, public, and non-profit clinics can perform the surgeries which translates to $10+ million in revenue for clinics per year. Affordable and accessible spay-neuter is a long-term, proactive, solution that would help the state's communities save millions of dollars in preventable animal control and sheltering costs.
    • The spay/neuter bill will help reduce the number of animals in shelters statewide in a targeted and humane way. It would also save the lives of thousands of cats and dogs each year who are euthanized simply because there aren't enough homes.
    • The spay/neuter bill has a dedicated independent funding source, is supported by pet owners like me, and will have no adverse effect on any other state program. Funding for the bill will come from a small fee added to the pet food distributed in the state. As a pet owner, I'm willing to pay a few pennies more per pound of pet food to save thousands of animals' lives.
    • The spay/neuter bill will improve public safety by increasing the number of dogs who are spayed and neutered. Altered dogs are less likely to bite than unaltered dogs.
    (Your name, phone number and address)
  3. Please take another minute to send the same message to Senator Brian Hatfield and Representative Brian Blake, urging them to pass SB 5329 and HB 1406 through their Agricultural Committees. If you've sent your legislators direct messages using the formula, simply cc Senator Hatfield and Representative Blake.

Tell PAWS about any contact you've made. Send an e-mail to, or cc us on your e-mail to your representatives. This helps us track support for the bill.

Want more info?

2010 Washington State Legislative Session
Over the next two months PAWS will keep you informed of animal-related legislation that needs your voice to pass. Together we can help make Washington State a leader in protections for animals.

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