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January 29, 2008      
It's time! Take action today to protect Washington State's animals!

The Washington State legislative session began January 14 and runs through March 12. Three bills in session need your urgent support today.

Oppose the use of hounds to hunt cougars with HB 2438! This bill makes hound hunting of cougars permanently legal in five counties, and allows any other county to opt in if they meet certain minimal requirements. In 1996, Washington State citizens overwhelmingly voted to ban the hunting of cougars with hounds with the passage of Initiative 655. While there is still insufficient scientific evidence to claim cougar overpopulation in our state, there is also no evidence to support the use of dogs in hunting as the best method to manage cougar populations to reduce human-cougar conflicts. Tell the legislature it is their responsibility to support management practices with sufficient scientifically backed evidence. Respectfully tell your representative to uphold the wishes of the people of Washington State by opposing this bill, HB 2438. View HB 2438 information on the Washington State Legislature's website.

Support creating a wildlife rehabilitation advisory committee with HB 2452! This bill establishes a wildlife rehabilitation advisory committee composed of wildlife rehabilitation professionals and the Washington Department of Wildlife (WDFW). The committee would assist in creating a wildlife rehabilitation funding program, improve information exchange, provide assistance in tracking diseases, and provide feedback to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Respectfully tell your representative that you support HB 2452, to create a committee that will aid in funding and improve communication exchange between Washington rehabilitators and the WDFW. View HB 2452 information on the Washington State Legislature's website.

Support healthy pets with SB 6408! The Healthy Pets Bill, also known as the pet "lemon law," gives consumers civil remedies to seek reimbursement if they have purchased sick pets from pet stores or breeders, and requires pet stores and breeders to provide medical histories for the animals they sell. The bill will not add any extra burden to law enforcement. Tell your senator that you support Healthy Pets Bill SB 6408 which will give people in Washington State recourse when they unknowingly purchase sick pets from a pet dealer. View SB 6408 information on the Washington State Legislature's website.

Contacting your representatives is as easy as…
Picking up the phone:

  • Use the Washington State Legislature's website to find your legislators.
  • Dial the legislative hotline toll-free: 1.800.562.6000
  • Dial for hearing impaired: 1.800.635.9993
  • Hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Ask to speak with the aide handling the issue you are concerned about.
  • Use the info above to help you voice your opinion to your representatives.
  • Be courteous, brief and leave your phone, e-mail and home address.

Sending an e-mail or letter:

Tell PAWS what actions you took to speak out on behalf of these bills

We'd like to hear from you! Tell PAWS what you did to voice your opinion about 2008 bills affecting animals. Let us know if you contacted your representatives by phone or wrote a letter to the legislature. E-mail us, or cc us on your e-mails to the legislature at

For more information on bills affecting animals this year visit PAWS' 2008 Washington State Legislative Session page.

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